20/20 on ABC: “The Dating Game Killer” Preview | January 8 2021


This Friday (January 8, 2021) is an all new episode of ABC: 20/20 reporting on a notorioous serial killer who, in the midst of his killing spree, appeared on the popular 1970’s TV game show “The Dating Game”

The January 8, 2021 edition of “20/20” on ABC: “The Dating Game Killer” airs at 9PM ET/8PM CT.

You can watch previous episodes at ABC.com and on Hulu.

20/20: “The Dating Game Killer

In 1968, Rodney Alcala lured a young girl outside the iconic Chateau Marmont hotel in Hollywood into his car, which marked the beginning of his reign of cross-country attacks that spanned more than a decade. Posing as a professional photographer, Alcala often used his good looks and charm to lure his victims.

But perhaps his most brazen move came in 1978 when he made a chilling appearance as a contestant on the hit show “The Dating Game,” and won. Through first-hand accounts from investigators, victims, eyewitnesses and even his court-appointed psychologist, “20/20” reports on one of the most notorious serial killers of modern times.

The two-hour program features interviews with Tali Shapiro, who miraculously survived an attack by Alcala when she was just 8 years old; Chris Camacho, former LAPD officer who saved Shapiro’s life; Jed Mills, who sat beside Alcala on “The Dating Game” as a fellow contestant; Gina Satriano, Los Angeles prosecutor; Matt Murphy, Orange County prosecutor; victims’ family members; and more.

“20/20” also exclusively features the 2013 interrogation of Alcala by Wyoming authorities about his alleged role in the murder of Christine Thornton 36 years earlier, which he denies.

David Sloan is senior executive producer. Colleen Halpin is senior producer, and Tim Gorin and Amanda Karrh are producers of this episode.


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