20/20 on ABC: “Five Weddings & A Murder” Preview | February 19 2021


This Friday (February 19, 2021) an all new two-hour episode of ABC: 20/20 has the first exclusive TV interview with Margaret Rudin since her prison release after 20 years for the murder of her millionaire husband

The February 19, 2021 edition of “20/20” on ABC: “Five Weddings & A Murder” airs at 9PM ET. You can watch this episode now at ABC.com and on Hulu.

“20/20” is also available to stream on ABC News digital platforms.

“20/20: Five Weddings & A Murder”

Margaret Rudin spent over two years on the run as one of America’s Most Wanted following an indictment for her millionaire husband, Ron Rudin’s, murder. After spending time in Mexico, Arizona and Massachusetts, using different aliases and disguises, authorities found Rudin and extradited her back to Las Vegas.

Now, nearly 20 years after a jury found her guilty of the murder, a two-hour “20/20” features the first TV interview with Rudin since her release from prison. Rudin opens up about why she never took any of the multiple plea deal offers she received over the years. Her desire to prove her innocence and life now as a 77-year-old great-grandmother. “20/20” also features an interview with Rudin’s attorney, Greg Mullanax. Mullanax discusses the case and walks ABC News and ESPN correspondent Ryan Smith through the crime scene where authorities found Ron’s car after he went missing.

The two-hour program also includes the first interview on the Rudin case with Judge Joseph Bonaventure. The judge from her original trial who reflects on the outcome of the trial; and interviews with Gary Guymon, prosecutor on the case; Tom Pitaro, Rudin’s former defense attorney; and Coreen Kovacs, the holdout juror who admitted that voting for Rudin’s conviction was the biggest regret of her life.

David Sloan is senior executive producer and Janice Johnston is executive producer. Terri Lichstein is senior broadcast producer, and Keren Schiffman and Joseph Rhee are producers of this episode.

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