Professional Wrestling Discussion September ’18 Week 1

Discuss any promotion from around the world! keep things civil and enjoy your stay. Keep the spoilers in the spoiler discussion.


Mon– Raw 8PM | CMLL 10:00PM YT

Tues– Prestigious Tuesdays 6PM Twitch | Smackdown 8PM | CMLL 8:30PM YT | ROH 10PM FN | NJPW 11PM | CWFH 11:20PM | Xplosion 12AM FN

Wed– Behind the Lights 4PM Twitch | Lucha Underground 8PM | RISE 9PM Twitch | HoH 9PM Twitch | AAW Twitch 9PM | MLW 10PM

Thurs– Adventures with Stone Rockwell 5PM Twitch | CWFH 7PM FN | Impact 8PM | Smash 10PM FN | ROH 10PM | NJPW 10:50PM

Fri– NJPW Road to Destruction 5:30AM | CWFH 1PM FN | NJPW 2PM FN | Impact 3PM FN | Smash 7:10PM | EVOLVE 112 8PM | PCW ULTRA 11:30PM

Sat- Impact 10AM FN | World Of Sport 12PM | All In Zero Hour 6PM | All In 7PM

Sun- Gira de Conquista: AAA Worldwide in Monterrey 7:30PM