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Live NXT Spoilers taped on 6/12 from WINC

June 19 Episode:

The Undisputed Era comes out for a promo. NXT Champion Adam Cole says they are going to remake NXT in their image and Cole says the show should start like this every week and they throw to a new version of the NXT opening featuring only Undisputed Era.

Cole tells the NXT champions to shine the belts up for the rest of Undisputed and nobody can stop them, not even Triple H. NXT North American Champion The Velveteen Dream interrupts and says the NXT Championship would look amazing paired with his belt. Roderick Strong goes after Dream but Matt Riddle interrupts. Riddle and Cole jawjack and Cole tells Riddle he can go back to writing reviews online for Attitude Era wrestlers. Tyler Breeze interrupts. Tyler says he was talking to Mr. Regal and he doesn’t care what is Undisputed or who is better looking, but he does care about Undisputed trying to take credit for a brand that Breeze built before any of them got there. Breeze says it’ll be the three of them vs. any 3 of the Undisputed Era in the main event

Damian Priest defeated Raul Mendoza. Raul fights valiantly, but the former Punishment Martinez catches him on a dive and chokeslams him into the ring apron. Priest with a spin kick and a crossroads for the win

NXT General Manager William Regal announces the NXT Breakout Tournament, an 8-man single elimination tournament between talent that hasn’t been on TV. The winner receives a title shot of their choosing

June 26 Episode:

Io Shirai vs. NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler in a Steel Cage match is announced for later

NXT Breakout Tournament First Round: Angel Garza defeated Joaquin Wilde. Excellent match. Wilde is DJZ, Garza is Garza Jr. Garza wrestled the first few minutes in his long tights, before tearing them away into trunk for a pop. Garza with a modified pump handle flipout facebuster for 2. Garza in control. Wilde reverses a double arm choke into his own. Garza avoids a dive, but Wilde dives through the middle turnbuckle and hits him. They fight on the top rope. Garza with a Spanish Fly for two. Wilde with a crucifix for 2. Garza hits a double underhook backpack drop for the win

NXT Tag Team Champions The Street Profits defeated The Forgotten Sons by DQ. Quick match where the Profits were rolling, but when Montez Ford went for a cover, Jaxson Ryker pulled him out of the ring and the ref called for the bell. Forgotten Sons attack, but Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch make the save. Lorcan and Burch grab the belts and stare at them before handing them to the Profits

Keith Lee defeated Nykos Rikos in a squash match. Keith pounces him into the ropes and hits his Jackhammer move for the win

* Mia Yim defeated Aliyah with Vanessa Borne. Aliyah pie faces her, but Mia gets up and knocks her down. Mia goes for a cannonball but Vanessa pulls Aliyah out of the ring. Aliyah with an enziguri for 2. Mia gets the win

* Kushida defeated Scott Parker. Parker is one half of 3.0. Kushida with good technical work to start. Parker hits a dropkick and takes control. Kushida fights back and gets the Hoverboard Lock for the win

July 3 Episode:

NXT Breakout Tournament First Round: Cameron Grimes defeated Isaiah “Swerve” Scott. Scott is Shane Strickland, Grimes is Trevor Lee. Good match. Grimes in control early. Swerve fights back. Hits the rolling cutter for 2. Swerve with a Sasuke Special. Grimes hits a running double stomp for the win

* Bianca Belair defeated Priscilla Zuniga. Zuniga is Diamanté from LAX. Bianca just dominates and hits her Belair Driver for the win

* Roderick Strong defeated Tyler Breeze. Good back and forth to start. Tyler tells the ref not to touch him trying to get him out of the corner, which opens the door for Roddy to take control. Roddy hits a brutal backbreaker on the edge of the ring steps, then on the guard rail. Tyler with a backbreaker. Roddy hits a superplex for 2. Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish eventually run out, Breeze fights the off but Roddy hits End of Heartache for the win

Jordan Myles defeated Boa. Myles is the former ACH. Stokely Hathaway is front row scouting this match. Good back and forth. Boa with a butterfly suplex for 2. Myles takes control and runs wild, and hits a 450 for the win

Damian Priest defeated Blanco Loco. Loco is introduced from Mexico, New York. Total squash. Priest hits his version of Crossroads for the win

NXT Breakout Tournament First Round: Bronson Reed defeated Dexter Lumis. Dexter is Sam Shaw, Bronson is Jonah Rock. Lumis takes control early. Reed with a slam to regain control. Lumis with a kipup and a legdrop for 2. Lumis misses a top rope senton. Reed hits a top rope splash for the win

Jordan Myles vs. Cameron Grimes and Bronson Reed vs. Angel Garza will be the semifinals of the tournament

Taped For June 26:

NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler retained her title over Io Shirai in a Steel Cage match. Shayna has her MMA gloves on and starts with strikes. Io tries to climb but Shayna pulls her down and takes control. Shayna throws up into the cage. Io with a cradle but only 2. Shayna back in control. Io fights back and hits two dropkicks with Shayna against the cage. Eventually Io goes to escape but Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir run down and close the door.

Io goes to climb and Candice LeRae runs down to fight off the Horsewomen. Marina gets in the ring and Candice dives off the the top onto her. Io does a moonsault onto Shayna from the top of the cage. Io crawls to escape, but Shayna grabs her in a choke. Io starts slamming the door on Shayna’s head until she let’s go, but Shayna falls out of the cage to win. After the match, Io turns on Candice and beats her down in the cage. Io grabs a chair and hits Candice, then does a vertical suplex to her on the chair before leaving. Referees and trainers come down to check on Candice.

NXT General Manager William Regal walks down to check on Candice. Crowd begins to chant for him, but he tells them to stop. Candice is helped out of the cage and to the back


Full Impact 6/6/19 spoilers from WINC

Rohit Raju defeated Shawn Donovan in a match for Xplosion. Donovan is from NYC and was playing the face. Raju with lots of choking in the ropes and did a snapmare using Donovan’s long goatee-ouch! Rohit gets the victory in a decent opener.

* Michael Elgin defeated Willie Mack. Another solid hard hitting match. Elgin finally won with the Elgin Bomb. Excellent match! Elgin was about to give Wille another powerbomb, but Rich Swann fought him off. Johnny Impact arrived to help and took Rich out. Elgin & Johnny shook hands, but Elgin nailed Johnny with a German suplex. Elgin got a hold of Mack again, took him outside and gave him another Elgin-Bomb. He then got back in the ring and put on Johnny’s shades before leaving.

* The North defeated Rob Van Dam and Sabu after Moose came down and pulled RVD outside. The North used this distraction to hit a Double Neutralizer on Sabu to win. After the match as Moose is celebrated on the ramp, Tommy Dreamer appeared and threw him back into the ring. Sabu got a chair and put it in front of Moose’s face as RVD was going to hit the Van-Terminator, but Moose managed to escape just in time.

* Havok squashed a local enhancement talent. After the match, Father James Mitchell worked the mic and said he will use Havok to get revenge on Su Yung. He said nothing will stop Havok from becoming the champion of the Knockouts Division.

* The Desi Hit Squad is next. This time Gama gets the mic and trashed NYC saying there were no apple trees, or anything else here. It’s Raj Singh vs. Cody Deener (w/ Cousin Jake). Lots of interference from Rohit, and Raj gets the surprising victory. It appears the Desis are getting a bit of a push.

* Madison Rayne defeated Jordynne Grace. Before the action began, Kiera Hogan joined the announce desk. Hogan has a new, much better theme song. Jordynne hit a huge Muscle Buster for a very close near fall, but in the end Madison reversed a fire woman’s carry into a “Roll The Dice” type move for another surprising win tonight.

* Killer Kross defeated The Sandman. Sandman used the kendo stick on Kross early, but Kross applied the Kross Jacket for the quick submission win. He refused to let go of the hold, and Eddie Edwards made the save. He handed Sandman his kendo stick and they celebrated with beers, poured a few to some fans after (even the referee had some).

* Dez and Wentz defeated Trey. Dez and Wentz both pinned Trey at the same time and were both announced as the winner

* Sawyer Fulton defeated Eddie Edwards after an assist from Killer Kross

* “Undeniable” Tessa Blanchard defeated Jake Crist (w/ Sami Callihan). Jake got a lot of offense including a big Death Valley Driver for a near fall.? Tessa won with a rope Code Breaker. The rest of OVE appeared after the match and Sami is furious, smacking Jake around. Eddie Edwards arrived for some reason and fought with everyone, mostly with Madman Fulton. Fulton hit a big urange on the edge of the ring and threw Edwards inside and we have a match.

* Madman Fulton defeated Eddie Edwards. Fulton hit a massive chokeslam early. Eddie fought back with a German suplex and got a long 2 count after a Blue Thunder Bomb. Eddie got a kendo stick and was about to use it. Killer Kross is on the screen. Kross has The Sandman kidnapped with a hood over him. He pours a jug of water onto him, which allowed Fulton to sneak behind Eddie and hit his finisher to win.

* Moose (who’s wearing a beautiful gold and green robe) defeated Tommy Dreamer in a quick, but good match with “Go To Hell”. Moose got a chair after the match and put it in front of Dreamer’s Face and was about to do a Van-Terminator, but Rob Van Dam came out stopped him.

* Impact Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie retained over Su Yung by disqualification after Havok interfered. Good match until Havok interfered and got Su disqualified. Su was a bit upset at first. Father Mitchell got them to try and attack Taya, but Rosemary pulled Taya outside. James got a mic and proposed a 4 way Monsters Ball match with Su Yung vs. Havok vs. Rosemary vs. Valkyrie with the title on the line

* Ace Austin is out next. He plugs his t-shirts in the back, and said that he’s still unbeaten. He says he’s the future and will be the X Division Champion soon and issues an open challenge. Out comes the returning TJP. ?TJP won a very quick match in his homecoming.

* Impact X Division Champion Rich Swann retained over Johnny Impact and Michael Elgin in the Triple Threat main event. Elgin hit a huge Double German Suplex early on, Swann hit a tope rope hurricanrana on Johnny landed onto Elgin. Swann won with a 450 on Johnny from the middle rope. As Rich is celebrating, Elgin tried a sneak attack, but Swann superkicked him down. Johnny Bravo came down and had the Ultimate X, and jabbed Rich in the stomach. Johnny got the X, and Elgin tried to take it, but Brian Cage’s music hits. Cage nailed a big powerbomb onto Elgin and posed with the Impact World Title.

(Pat Bailey contributed to this article)

Impact spoilers 6/7 taping from Winc

* Charles Mason defeated Sawyer Fulton with Sami Callihan in a match for Xplosion

* Jordynne Grace defeated Masha Slamovitch in a match for Xplosion

* The Rascalz defeated Impact Tag Team Champions The LAX with Konnan and The Laredo Kid.

* The North defeated The Deaner Family

* Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary vs. Havok and Su Yung ended in a No Contest after the match fell apart. A four-woman brawl broke out and the referee called for the bell. Taya used a steel chair on Havok while Rosemary brought a bag of thumbtacks. Havok stopped Yung from getting tossed onto the tacks. Yung accidentally kicked Havok and Havok almost put Yung onto the pile of tacks but Father James Mitchell ran down and got in between them. Rosemary and Taya broke up the talk but had words between each other when Rosemary picked up Taya’s title

* Sami Callihan defeated Fallah Bah with Scarlett Bordeaux. After the match, Sami blased the Knockouts Revolution and called Tessa Blanchard to the ring to have words. Sami insulted Blanchard and said she wants to be treated like an equal, so here it is. Sami kicked Tessa to the mat and said this is a lesson learned on what happens when a Knockout gets in the ring with a man. Tessa snapped and attacked Sami, hitting him with a Spear.

Fans really got behind Tessa and chanted for her. OVE ran down and held Tessa while Sami called her a b—h. Sami thrusted a baseball bat into Tessa’s ribs and then left her knocked out with a piledriver. After the match, agents D’Lo Brown and Tommy Dreamer ran down to check on Tessa with officials. She was helped to the back

* TJ Perkins defeated Ace Austin in a rematch from Thursday

* Jake Crist defeated JT Dunn and Mantequilla in a Triple Threat that had non-stop action. Crist pinned Dunn after a top rope Diamond Cutter

* Kiera Hogan defeated Madison Rayne with Jordynne Grace on commentary. Hogan taunted Grace all throughout the match. They faced off after the match again but Hogan left as Grace entered the ring

Sabu with Super Genie defeated Raj Singh with Gama Singh. Sabu used a chair and received an ECW chant at one point, hitting his trademark moves. He won by submission with a Camel Clutch

* Moose came to the ring for a promo and ran down the ECW Originals – Sabu, Rob Van Dam, Taz and Tommy Dreamer. He spoke more about RVD and said RVD needs to prove himself at Slammiversary. Moose revealed a video on the big screen and it was of him standing over Sabu “earlier in the day” after beating Sabu up. RVD’s music hit and he came out for a brawl with Moose. They fought until officials broke it up

* Rohit Raju defeated The Laredo Kid. Before the match, Gama Singh came back out and cut an anti-USA promo in the ring. He then introduced Raju. Raju won the match with a corner cannonball and a double stomp to the back

* X Division Champion Rich Swann and Willie Mack defeated John E. Bravo and Johnny Impact. Swann and Mack double teamed Impact to the floor, then hit a Stunner and a flying splash to Bravo for the pin

* Impact World Heavyweight Champion Brian Cage came to the ring for a promo to close the show. Cage talked about how Michael Elgin took away the biggest moment of his career from him, something he worked 14 years for, and sent him to the hospital with an injury. Cage called Elgin out and said he will soon find out that you can’t break.

He brought up Slammiversary but was interrupted by a scrawny doctor. Cage put the doctor down with a big F5. Elgin took advantage and stormed the ring to attack. Elgin nailed a Buckle Bomb and a running sitdown powerbomb, then a few more shots while Cage was down. Elgin left the ring to stand up a table at ringside. He returned to the ring and drove Cage from the ring through the floor table with another powerbomb.

The NYC crowd loudly chanted “Holy s–t!” as Elgin raised Cage’s title in the air to end the episode. In what looked like a dark segment for the live crowd only, Elgin punched Don Callis for getting in his face and not shutting up. Cage came back to the ring and got the upperhand on Elgin, forcing him to scramble. Referees tried restoring order but Cage launched a few of them. Elgin got up again but Cage blasted him and hit another F5. That was it for the show.

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