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(Impact Wrestling: Las Vegas TV Tapings, Sunday Feb 17th from Big Dawg)

Pre-Show notes: Theyy taped shots of the broadcast team at the announcer table with fans a few minutes before the show Crowd chanting recording stuff for stock footage for like 15 mins Crowd: late arriving again. Smallest of the 3 nights so far. Almost full again 45 mins in. Maybe 50 less fans total compared to Fri and Sat

Xplosion: Desi Hit Squad And Big D (local Vegas radio guy) Vs Rascalz And Golden Knights mascot from the NHL Rascalz win with Hot Fire Flame finisher

Impact Segments –

Segment #1 : Moose Vs Trey by himself Vicious powerbomb spot on the outside by Moose on Trey And a crazy stair spot on Trey. He seemed pretty shaken up, selling it all hard Hard hitting match. Moose wins with a spear.

Segment #2 : KM and Bahh Vs Eli Drake And Eddie Edwards Eddie And Eli win by using Kenny on KM

Segment #3: Damian Drake Vs Ace Austin, Ace gets the win with an impressive finisher

Segment #4: Josh Mathews in ring. Johnny And Taya come out Heel couple personas in full effect here. Cage Vs Impact for the World Title at Rebellion is announced

Segment #5: Ethan Page Vs Willie Mack Mack wins with a stunner

Segment #6: Sami Callihan Vs Rich Swann for the X-Division Title. Long match. Swann wins. Sami goes to attack afterwards. Swann hits him with a chair. Madman Fulton saves Sami and reveals an oVe shirt. He’s in oVe now. Willie tried to save Swann but is taken out. oVe minus the Crists beat down both guys Xplosion: Su Yung Vs Alisha Edwards Su wins with the gloves mandible claw finisher

Segment #7: “Impact Against All Odds” graphic on the arena entrance Big Screen. That special episode begins here? LAX comes out. Konnan on the mic. Calls out Lucha Bros. They brawl Tables and chairs are used in a Non sanctioned type of fight Pentagon and Fenix are put through tables and left laying

Segment #8: Disco Inferno Vs Scarlett Scarlett get the win after taking a lot of abuse from Disco. Disco with some impressive heat

Segment #9: Tessa Blanchard on the mic Calls out Gail Kim Gail Kim says that she officially resigns from Impact so that she can kick Tessa’s ass. Gail attacks Tessa It wasn’t announced when that match will take place but most likely at Rebellion

Segment #10: Jordynne Grace Vs Taya for the KnockOuts Title Johnny comes out and Taya is counted out as Taya retains via count out Cage comes out and confronts Johnny And Taya. Kross attacks Cage and lays him out Kross And Jordynne go face to face

Segment #11: Kross Vs Cage Johnny And Taya come Out and interfere and help Kross Kross wins with a controversial 3 count from the ref. Confusing ending to the match, maybe a botched count angle? Kross leaves and Johnny And Taya beat down Cage with chairs They announced that they will be back again to Vegas for a future date tba

End of Night 3


(Impact Wrestling: Las Vegas TV Tapings, Saturday Feb 16th from Big Dawg)

Crowd: very loud again. Late arriving. Lots of pretape crowd shots for production. Chanting by fans. 30 minutes into the show it was as full as Friday night. 600-700 range again at least. Packed house minus a few seats.

Xplosion: started 15 mins before showtime. Daga Vs Trey by himself Trey gets the win

Impact Segments:

Segment #1: Rich Swann Vs Ethan Page Swann with the win oVe comes out (all 3 members) Sami on the mic Trying to get Swann to take the oVe shirt again and join them Swann puts it on and then turns on them and superkicks Sami. Tears off the shirt and leaves

Segment #2: Jake Atlas Vs Ace Austin with his Magician type of gimmick Ace Austin with the win

Segment #3: Alisha Edwards On the mic. Saying maybe she should retire from wrestling Desi Hit Squad comes out. Rohit goes full on heel. All 3 DHS members get heat Eddie destroys DHS with Kenny. They recover and beat Eddie down. Eli comes out and destroys DHS, saving Alisha and Eddie

Segment #4: Su Yung with Dark Allie, James Mitchell as their manager and Bridemaid of Honor Vs Keira, Jordyn Grace, and Rosemary Great back and forth 6 women tag Rosemary pins the Bridesmaid. She puts a leather leash on Allie and takes her away

Segment #5: Disco Inferno joins Don and Josh on commentary Josh Mathews in ring. Scarlett comes out She makes fun of Disco. He gets in the ring and confronts her. They talk about having a match against each other. (Could be happening in this set of shows?) not confirmed

Segment #6: Rascalz Vs Lucha Bros Match of the night. Amazing action. Hot crowd. Lots of chants Lucha Bros win Xplosion: Luchasaurus Vs Chris Bey Luchasaurus with the win. Good match

Segment #7 Sami Callihan w/ oVe Vs Rich Swann And Willie Mack and Tommy Dreamer Loud chants again. Tommy with some hilarious moves got the crowd going. All 6 guys looked good. Sami pildrives Tommy for the win

Segment #8: Glenn Gilbertti (Disco) Vs Kikutaro Disco wins

Segment #9: Reno Scum Vs Bahh And KM Bahh gets the win after being taken out of the match at the beginning with a stair spot on the outside

Segment #10: Tessa Vs Jordynne Grace for the #1 Contendership Jordynne wins in a great match Tessa grabs a random guy ringside and beats his ass in the ring Gail Kim stops it eventually and beats Tessa down Seems like they were building to a Rebellion match for Tessa and Gail but it wasn’t confirmed.

Segment #11: Gamma always gets old school heat before introducing Desi Hit Squad Vs Eli Drake And Eddie Edwards Eddie gets the win by using Kenny, which Eli threw in the ring

Segment #12: main event : Johnny Impact music hits and Killer Kross comes out with him on Kross’ shoulders carrying him to the ring in a neck brace. Kross has a cinder block and chairs. Destroys security dudes. Kross set up cinder block to hit Johnny. Cage comes to the top of the stage. Taya protects Johnny. Cage finally comes in the ring and fights Kross. Taya low blows Cage. Johnny gets up. Takes off neck brace as he was faking being hurt and beats Cage up. Johnny puts cinder block on Cage and hits him with the chair with he block on Cage’s face Cage has to be helped to the back again after the cinder block shot. Even Don checks on him and calls for help.

End of Night #2


(Impact Wrestling: Las Vegas TV Tapings, Friday Feb 15th)

Before the show notes: NFL Alumni Press Conference. “Impact is coming to Vegas again regularly” as quoted by Ed Nordholm. No big news, NFL guys spoke to Crowd.

45 mins into the tapings there were 600 to 700. Biggest crowd of the last 2 sets so far.

Xplosion: Allie And Su Yung Vs Kierra Hogan and Jordyn Grace they get the win

IMPACT segments

Segment #1: Johnny Impact comes to ring. Moose comes out Kross comes out. They all confront each other Kross Vs Moose for the #1 contendership is made. Moose attacks Kross. Kross chokes Moose.

Segment #2: Kross Vs Moose match Johnny interfered for a DQ Cage comes out and confronts Johnny

Segment #3: Desi Hit Squad. Gamma Singh old school heat. Introduces the tag team. Vs Dez And Trey, Rascalz Rascalz chants throughout and they win. Fun match

Segment #4: Eli Drake Vs Eddie w/ Kenny Awesome match. Eddie wins Chanting for both guys

Segment #5: Alisha Edwards Vs Delilah Doom. Tessa comes out and beats up Alisha. Destroys her and Doom. Xplosion: big Dude. Mike Manis(?) (Had tats and bleached hair) or something Vs Rich Swann Swann gets the win

Segment #6: Main event of episode 1 of this Taping set for Impact – LAX Vs Lucha Bros. LAX jumps Lucha Bros on the ramp. Fenix worked really light but still did a lot (if that makes sense.) He was out there and seems not too badly hurt The match was for the titles and Lucha Bros retain with a pinfall LAX took both of Lucha Bros masks and beat them down

Segment #7: Willie Mack Vs Jake Crist with Dave ringside Crists get DQ’d and attack Mack and Dreamer comes out for the save. Tommy gets on the mic. Dreamer and Mack Vs Crists Match made for now.

Segment #8: match starts. Crists Vs Mack and Dreamer Mack and Dreamer win

Segment #9: KM and Fallah Bahh Vs Reno Scum KM and Fallah Bahh win. Scum attacks post match

Segment #10: Tessa Blanchard Vs Delilah Doom Tessa wins with the Keylock DDT

Segment #11: Ethan Page Vs Zachary Wentz of The Rascalz alone Wentz wins. Ethan confronted one of the NFL Alumni guys during the match ringside

Segment #12: Moose in a crazy robe outfit and Kross Vs Cage and Johnny Impact Johnny is hurt (kayfabe?). Cage bleeding. Taya checks on Johnny and also tons of medical staff and refs and security are checking Johnny Kross chokes out Cage. They win via Cage passing out from the Kross Jacket choke Cage has to be helped to the back

End of night 1


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