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Opening Day report

Results from Rockstar Pro and Impact Wrestling’s Opening Day, which took place on March 1st at Turnbuckles and Brews in Dayton, Ohio!


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Singles Match (First time ever)
Moose def Jake Crist with a spear.

Really good opening match, I’d def like to see these two wrestle again.

Mosh Pit Scramble Match
Jeremiah def Rohit Raju, Aaron Williams, Nate Wings, Ron Mathis & Crash Jackson

Jeremiah made Jackson submit. I thought it was a bit short and my boy Rohit should have won, but still a pretty fun match.

Knockouts Tag Team Match
Killer Death Machines (Jessicka Havok & Nevaeh) def Samantha Heights & Madison Rayne

I was excited seeing this, being a fan of all four wrestlers. I’ve only seen Samantha a few times but she was impressive again, great match, and I love that finisher. #KDM4Impact

Singles Match
Ace Austin def JT Dunn

I thought this was really great, and it got a nice amount of time. Both guys did an awesome job, def check this one out. Match of the night.

Triple Threat Match
Brian Cage def Ace Romero & Clayton Gainz

Before the match started, Gainz came out talking trash (pretty funny) and made it a triple threat. I thought it was a solid big man match, they’ve done a really nice job mixing the card up so far.

Four Way Tag Team Match
oVe (Dave Crist & Madman Fulton) def Grits and Gravy (Bruce Grey & Jon Murray), The Dirty (Austin Manix & Jake Something), and Steve Manders & Pompano Joe

The Dirty’s Tag titles weren’t on the line because of an injury, Jake Something was filling in. Madman Fulton in oVe is awesome. I thought this match was ok, kind of a mess but mostly a fun mess and Jon Murray rules. 

Dayton Street Fight
Sami Callihan def Eddie Edwards

Another great match/fight between these two. Basically what you’d expect if you watched these two, they always deliver.  They mostly wrestled outside, nice table spot, they went all over the place and for about a minute, they weren’t even on camera. I’m sure some will complain but I thought it made it seem more real and I liked Sami getting the win here. 

Impact World Championship Match
Johnny Impact (c) def Larry D

I liked that this was a simple story that made sense. Larry doesn’t get title shots like these and had nothing to lose. Johnny, the big favorite, took Larry for granted and showboated too much. Larry took a beating most of the match but hung in, even got a few really close calls. Johnny hit starship pain but Larry D got the rope! Johnny hit countdown to Impact, but Larry kicked out! Larry even hit his finisher but Johnny kicked out and shortly after another starship pain and Johnny retains. Damn, that was shockingly good.


I love how this card was set up, first time match, Scramble, KO tag match, Street fight, etc. Show looked good and there were no stream issues. Commentary was solid, Josh & Scott messing with Bork was fun. And the crowd made a lot of noise, esp for the Ohio wrestlers obv.

I thought it was a really good show overall, def worth checking out. 


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Josh Mathews, Bork Torkleson & Scott D’Amore and were on commentary.

This event streamed on Twitch, Saturday 3/2/19.

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* Opening Day report 3/2/19

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