Ladies Night Out 5 Review

Night Out 5 Review

DiscussPW Review for Ladies Night Out 5, from Title Match Network and Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling that took place in Texas City on February 23rd, 2019.


Ladies Night Out 5 Review, with each full match from

Matt Topolski and Brad Gilmore were on commentary.

-Raychell Rose def Jenna Lynn

Jenna won an award at Ladies Night Out 4 and was attacked by her former friend Raychell, which led to this. It was Raychell’s LNO debut, and she was in control for a good part of the match until Jenna made a comeback late. Cross body from the top and a superkick, she was about to hit her finisher, or some big move, but Raychell pulled the ref in front of her stopping it. Shortly after Raychell rolled up Jenna with her legs on the ropes for the win.

Solid start to the show, and nice job by commentary quickly telling that story if you didn’t see LNO 4.

-ROW Diamonds Division Championship Match
Hyan (c) def Rok-C

This was Rok-C’s LNO debut, and my first time seeing her. I’ve seen Hyan a few times and she’s fantastic, IMO she had the match of the night at LNO 4 and that show was stacked. Good back and forth early until Hyan hit Rok-C with a nasty turnbuckle bomb. Hyan stayed in control until a flurry from Rok-C with a really nice russian legsweep counter to Hyan’s tiltawhirl headscissors. Rok-C with some near falls, then Hyan with a flying knee out of nowhere, but Rok-C kicks out. Hyan argued with the ref and almost got rolled up, Rok-C went to the top and missed a moonsault. Then Hyan headed to the top and hit a 450?!

Good match, nice debut for Rok-C and Hyan is just awesome.

-Barbi Hayden def Ivory Robyn

Ivory is a former 2x Diamonds Division Champion, I’ve only seen her wrestle a few times but those matches were all very good. I’m a big fan of Barbi, I think she’s great all around. Good back and forth early on, Ivory took control and hit a nice stunner to Barbi on the apron. Ivory with some mean looking offense, stomping on Barbi, nice neckbrecker, knees and kicks and Ivory was totally in control. Crowd was chanting for Barbi who had a comeback with some kicks/dropkicks then hit a nice looking headscissors roll…move off the top? I don’t know what that’s called, cool tho. Then a fisherman’s suplex and somehow Ivory went for a TKO but Barbi countered it into a ddt off the ropes and got the pin.

Another good match and this show is rolling along.

-Scarlett Bodeaux def Miranda Alize

Brad pointed out Miranda was in the MYC, and I didn’t know that. I’ve only seen her on these LNO shows but she was impressive each time and has a great look. I’ve seen a lot of Scarlett from diff Indies and I think she’s going to surprise a lot of people who only know her for the Smokeshow gimmick, she’s a great wrestler. This went outside early and Scarlett hit Miranda with a russian legsweep outside onto the apron, nasty. Then a suplex on the outside and she was in control until a spear by Miranda, then some nasty back and forth elbows and forearms. Miranda with some dropkicks and a near fall, Scarlett had to roll out of the ring but Miranda with a baseball slide then a dive to the outside. Back in the ring Miranda with an awesome looking running cutter but Scarlett kicked out. Scarlett counters Miranda into a Fishermans brainbuster by Scarlett but Miranda kicked out, Scarlett dodged a kick then hit her finisher for the win.

I thought that was great, best match so far.

-Rockelle Vaughn def Christi Jaynes

This is my first time seeing Christi and I’ve only seen Rockelle once before. Starts off with a test of strength, old school, nice. Rockelle was in control, Christi had a brace on her knee and Rockelle smartly worked on it. Christi with a nice comeback, flurry of moves late but Rockelle fought her off, hit a modified version of the Stroke (JJ’s finisher) but Christi kicked out, then Christi with a cool looking rollup that locked Rockelle’s leg and got the pin.

Solid match with a surprising finish.

-Taya Valkyrie def Thunderosa

Two great wrestlers here and I’m a big fan of both. Taya’s power advantage was the diff early on and she was dominating. Thunderosa finally took control for a bit, hit a nice backpack slam (not sure so that’s what I’m calling it) but Taya kicked out. Northern Lights by Taya, Thunderosa with some kicks but Taya counters into an STF and Thunderosa taps.

I was surprised Taya dominated so much and thought it would be a bit longer, but another good match.

-Leva Bates def Allie Recks

This is my first time seeing Allie, and Leva was in control early. Some nice kicks and dropkick by Allie, then a really nice combo into a crossface by Leva. Back and forth brawling then Allie with a flurry of clotheslines and a Samoan drop. Allie put Leva on the top rope but Leva countered it into a top rope pedigree! Damn!

Solid match, awesome finish.

Angelina Love def Kiera Hogan

I’m a big fan of Kiera Hogan, I think she’s very underrated and is going to be a star. Angelina is a former 6x KO champion, I haven’t seen her wrestle in a while but she looks great here. Brad said in the future, the winner of this match could main event a LNO show.

Angelina was in control for most of the match, nice simple story of her using her experience against Kiera. Angelina kept staying one step ahead, even used the ref to stop Kiera at one point and counter. Then playing to the crowd before hitting a nice powerslam, then another slam, and another. Total domination by Angelina so far, dropkick by Kiera but Angelina takes her down again quickly with a headlock. Flurry of offense from Kiera, goes to the top but Angelina stops her with a top rope Samoan drop. Kiera with a superkick then walked into a codebreaker, Kiera kicked out. Angelina was complaining to the ref and Kiera got a 2 count on a rollup but then Angelina with a bicycle kick and got the pin.

Another good match with a surprising finish, I’m glad I didn’t bet on this show. The fact that it’s not predictable is part of why I’m such a big fan of these LNO shows.

-Falls Count Anywhere
Ivelisse def Jazz (NWA Women’s Champion)

Barbi Hayden joined commentary for this match and it started off hot with Ivelisse and Jazz brawling, Jazz still had her coat on. Brad made a great point about how Jazz hasn’t missed a step, and I totally agree, she deserves way more praise than she currently gets. Ivelisse is awesome, one of the best in the world, IMO. Both great/badass characters and wrestlers, I was really excited for this one.

It was more of a brawl than a match and it went outside pretty quickly. Ivelisse tried to whip Jazz with a production cable, don’t think I’ve seen that before. Then Jazz choked Ivelisse with it, back and forth submissions, really nice double underhook suplex by Jazz. Back outside, Ivelisse was running and looking for a weapon but Jazz got the chair first and used it which got a near fall. Ivelisse set up Jazz on a chair before a running kick, but Jazz got back in control in the ring shortly after. Jazz set up a ladder in the corner, and talked trash to Barbi while doing it. Jazz sent Ivelisse into the ladder and Barbi went up on the apron which distracted Jazz, Jazz took a shot a missed, Barbi didn’t and it led Jazz right into a ddt on a chair by Ivelisse for the win.

Really good main event with an interesting ending. I’m curious if Jazz will get a rematch or face Barbi, or maybe both.


DiscussPW Grade- 8.7

Another great Ladies Night Out show, highlighted by the double main event, and the Scarlett/Miranda match. Excellent job by the commentary team, telling stories while focusing on the action and no bs. There was nothing bad at all on this show, I thought it flew by and can’t wait for Ladies Night Out 6. 


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Ladies Night Out 5 took place at the World Gym Arena in Texas.

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