ROH TV Episode 389 Report

Ring of Honor TV Report, Episode 389, original air date 2/28/19.


ROH TV episode 389 report-

Ian Riccaboni & Colt Cabana on commentary.

Quick video with Jeff Cobb talking about Silas Young before their match.

ROH TV Championship Match
Jeff Cobb (c) def Silas Young by pin

Cobb was dominating early using his amateur wrestling skills, mostly keeping Silas on the mat. Cobb went for his finisher early but Silas countered with some nice heelwork using the ropes and ref. He took control there and kept it for most of the match. Then he made the mistake of talking trash which woke up Cobb, who shortly after hit 4 german suplexes, then Tour of the Islands for the win….I thought this a really good match.

Video from Tag Wars in San Antonio, the Briscoes will face PCO & King for the Tag titles at ROH 17.

Quick Matt Taven promo backstage with his fake title.

Video from Bound by Honor where Mayu Iwatani became new WOH Champion, rematch coming at ROH 17.

Rush def Vinny Marseglia by pin

Vinny was in control early and they quickly went outside, Vinny pulled the mat up and went for a suplex on the cement, countered by Rush but Vinny hit him with knees instead. Back in the ring, Vinny still in control and now he’s posing Los Ingobernables style. Rush finally takes over back outside, tossing Vinny into the barricade, the ref kept stopping Rush from using a chair. Back inside, some nice offense from Rush and the crowd is behind him. Back and forth now with Vinny hitting a side effect then a double underhook suplex, but Rush destroys him in the corner and hits his finisher (La Lanza) for the win….pretty good but I would’ve liked to see more offense from Rush.

Quick video for King/Scurll at ROH 17.

Matt Taven promo in the ring with the Kingdom, has an open challenge for anyone except Lethal and out comes Gresham to face him.

Jonathon Gresham def Matt Taven by DQ

The ref sent the Kingdom backstage before the match started, which seemed to piss off Taven who took control early but that didn’t last. Gresham had Taven in an octopus stretch and out came the Kingdom causing a DQ. They beat on Gresham for a bit until Lethal comes out but the Kingdom have the numbers. Taven set up a table while Vinny and TK held Lethal down and was about to hit Lethal with a bat until Lifeblood came out to run them off.

Tenille on the mic, said Taven’s title is a slap in the face to everyone, and Lethal ending up destroying the fake title.

Solid show, I’d recommend the opening match and the final segment.

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*ROH TV episode 389 report and results, 2/28/19.

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