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Bluegrass Report

Impact Wrestling and Ohio Valley Wrestling had a Clash in the Bluegrass on March 3rd in Louisville, Kentucky. The show is now available on GWN, and here is our report.


DiscussPW (Impact vs OVW) Clash in the Bluegrass Report-

Josh Mathews, Don Callis & Gilbert Corsey were on commentary. This show was not only sold out, but set a new attendance record at the Davis Arena.

-Dimes def Sinn Bodhi via pin
Solid opening match. Cool seeing Bodhi again, first time seeing Dimes and he did a nice job.

Colton Cage (OVW TV Champion) (with Dani) def Brandon Espinosa via pin (non-title match)
Good, fun match with a cool backstory that was quickly explained, and the crowd was really into it. 

War Kings (Crimson and Jax Dane) promo backstage about their match later tonight.

Fatal Four Way Match
-Big Zo def Moose, Jay Bradley & Ca$h Flo via pin

Another fun match, this time a big man match with some cool spots. My first time seeing Zo but I was rooting for him and he got the win, so that was cool. I’m a big fan of super heavyweights, I think the wrestling world needs more of them, and OVW takes a 1-0 lead.

-Madison Rayne def (OVW Women’s Champion) Cali Young (non-title match)
This was my first time seeing Cali and I thought she looked really good. She was in control most of the match but Madison hung in there until a late mistake by Cali and Madison got the win. Really good KO match, Impact ties it 1-1.

Moose promo, he’s pissed off about his match but he’s got a nice massage planned for tomorrow so he’s good.

Team OVW vs Team oVe
-Dustin Jackson, Shiloh Jonze, Melvin Maximus, & Sam Thompson def oVe (Madman Fulton, Rohit Raju, Dave & Jake Crist) via dq

Very loud oVe chants when they came out and more during the match. Nice seeing my boy Rohit with them, even if it’s just for…One Night Only. Really good back and forth match, it got a nice amount of time and the crowd was awesome the entire match. Sami interfered late, Team OVW gets the win but we’re told that match doesn’t count, so it’s still 1-1.

-Brian Cage def Justin Smooth via pin
Smooth got in more offense than I expected, he looked good and got some near falls. But Cage eventually took control, hit a few nasty power-bombs and a buckle-bomb for the win and Impact goes up 2-1.

Impact World Championship 3 Way Match
-Johnny Impact (c) def Adam Revolver (with Shannon the dude) and Eddie Edwards (with Kenny) via pin

Johnny wasn’t announced for this but he came out (he’s an OVW alum) and it became a World Championship match. This was my first time seeing Adam and I thought he looked good. Eddie and Johnny worked together a few times and Johnny ended up retaining in another fun match. Adam Revolver attacked both guys post match but Impact still moves ahead 3-1.

Scott D’Amore out in heel mode, saying OVW should be thanking Impact for selling out their house, etc. Out comes Sami Callihan, who stole the OVW title with a fantastic promo like always. Tony Gunn out and tells Sami he’ll put his OVW Championship on the line tonight, and he’s gonna have Team OVW in his corner while Sami has Team oVe in his.

OVW Southern Tag Team Championship 3 Team Match
-The War Kings (Crimson & Jax Dane) (c) def The Void (Nigel Winters & Chace Destiny) and Kings Ransom (Maximus & Leonis Khan) via pin to retain

This was interesting match where the Void faced Kings Ransom for the first 10 minutes (I think). If there was a winner they would face The War Kings one on one (or two on two) but there wasn’t so it became a 3 team match. Good match with a nice amount of time, I thought Kings Ransom was impressive but The War Kings (I’ve seen a bunch of them, very solid team) were the much fresher team, it showed and they got the win to retain.

OVW Heavyweight Championship match
-Tony Gunn (c) def Sami Callihan via pin to retain

Sami had his oVe guys ringside and Tony had OVW guys. Great main event, again the crowd was very loud throughout. Gunn had Sami beat but the ref was knocked out, then things got crazy with all the OVW and oVe guys. Rohit went to the top rope but Gunn pushed him off thru a table, damn that was nasty! Sami went for the same chair/bat spot he broke Eddie’s face with, but low blow by Gunn who got the win shortly after. He’s another OVW talent I had never seen before that really impressed me.

I thought this was a great show with a fantastic crowd that took it up a notch. Nice mix of matches (big man match, KO, OVW/oVe, Impact title 3 way, OVW Tag, etc). The show flew by for me, great job by everyone involved. Definitely check it out on GWN if you haven’t yet.


Clash in the Bluegrass took place at the Davis Arena on 3/2/19. It is now available to watch on the Global Wrestling Network (GWN). For more, check with the official Twitter accounts for Impact Wrestling and Ohio Valley Wrestling.

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