Critical Transformation Review

Critical Transformation Review

Impact Wrestling and Universal Championship Wrestling teamed up for Critical Transformation on April 13th in Owensboro, Kentucky. The show is now available on Twitch (linked below), and here is our review.


DiscussPW Critical Transformation Review-

Josh Mathews and Scott D’Amore were on commentary. I like how they mix up Scott and Don, both great in diff ways. There were some production issues but that’s life. Shit happens, so let’s get to the show.

-Tag Team Match
The Rascalz, Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz def The Murphy Boyz, Carson Murphy & Cameron Murphy by pin

Fun opening match and good way to start the show. The Rascalz are one of the best tag teams in the world, maybe 2 or 3 best teams actually if you mix them up? This was my first time seeing the Murphy Boyz, I thought they did a nice job and the crowd was loving them. The ending was a bit odd, not sure what happened there, but no big deal.

-Knockouts Match
Cali Young def Madison Rayne by pin

I thought this was a very good KO match. My first time seeing Cali and she was impressive, Madison always seems to have good-great matches and this was another one.

-Fatal 4 Way Match
Ace Austin def Ryan Dookie, Scott Sexton, and Chad Stallings (Austin pinned Dookie)

Production issue so this match came on midway thru. It seemed pretty wild tho and we got to see some cool spots, one crazy one from Ace. He might not be for everyone but Ryan Dookie’s comedy made me laugh, esp his missed top rope leg drop at the end.

-Singles Match
Brian Cage def Mad Man Fulton by pin

This was a damn good big man match. Mostly back and forth which was surprising, but nice to see. I thought Cage would dominate but Fulton got to show off some of his stuff, even went off the top for a nice diving headbutt. Cage gets the win but Fulton was really impressive.

-Singles Match
Moose def Daniel Eads by pin

Eads took it outside early and kept going after Moose’s hand. Then he made fans give Moose’s bad hand high fives, smart and innovative. But Moose took control after Eads tried showing off with a headstand on the top. Moose mostly stayed in control after that and got the win. Solid match.

-oVe Rules Match
oVe Sami Callihan, Jake Crist, Dave Crist def Chase Stevens & The Maddox Brothers, Jarod and Nick (Sami pinned Chase)

As a big fan of promos, this was nice to see. Sami getting some time and then Chase going back at him before the match starts. This was a fun brawl, pretty much all the crazy stuff you’d expect from an oVe rules match and I really enjoyed it.

-Impact World Championship Match
Johnny Impact (with Johnny Bravo) def Chris Michaels by pin

Some good stuff from Johnny ripping on the fans and thanking them for their money before the match. Solid back and forth match with Michaels more than hanging with Johnny and even getting a few near falls. Bravo got thrown out after interfering, then came back out with a mop causing a distraction and Johnny retains. Michaels laid him out after the match with a superkick to send the fans home happy.

DiscussPW Grade- 7.8

It’s really a shame about the production issues because overall this was a good show. And after rewatching, the issues weren’t THAT bad IMO. I’ve seen people saying it was unwatchable, which is just ridiculous. There were some sound issues and a few minutes of one match was cut out. I think it’s totally understandable if you stopped watching early on, out of frustration. But I say give it another chance, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. And if not, feel free to blame me.


Critical Transformation took place at the Owensboro Sportscenter in Kentucky on 4/13/19. It is now available to watch on Impact’s Twitch channel and here are the direct links- Critical Transformation Part One and Part Two.

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