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New Impact tonight and we’re hosting in our Twitch Room.

Today is the Best Friends sale at

Impact announced Eddie vs Sami in a Philly Street Fight at “A Night You Can’t Mist”.

We’re doing NXT Takeover Predictions for anyone interested. Please use our new WWE Discussion if you’re watching the show.

Our Double or Nothing Review and Results, this weeks Impact review. Big Dawg’s latest article, “Is Impact Wrestling the new ECW?”. And here is our latest news for Impact, AAA and ROH.

Who will be the first to become Impact World Champion?

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Impact Plus Information Page

Impact Plus is now live and here is all of the information from Impact in one spot.   This isn’t just a name change. We are introducing enhanced functionality that makes the app faster and easier to use with more content than ever before, including original series with your favorite IMPACT […]
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