Impact Vegas 9/5 & 9/6 Spoilers, Pics & Notes from Big Dawg!

Impact Vegas Spoilers

Big Dawg was live in Las Vegas at Sam’s Town for both night’s of the Impact tapings on September 5th and 6th. Below are his full Impact Vegas spoilers with pictures, notes and more.

Impact Vegas Spoilers Night One 9/5/19

BD saw James Mitchell, in his awesome red suit and all.

And here’s BD’s great view, pic was taken about an hour before the show started.

Impact Vegas Spoilers

Here’s a shot of the crowd when the show was actually happening.

Impact Wrestling TV Taping Vegas Spoilers for Thursday, September 5th. With Notes from Big Dawg.

Pre-show notes

The LV Lights soccer team in Las Vegas does some pics with Impact wrestlers at the top of the ramp Rascalz have a ceremonial kick with the soccer team.

Ramp to ring kick from one of the soccer players.

Crowd: late arriving. Half full 30 mins in. Slowly filled a bit more. Not as full as last time in February here in Vegas.

Tough Guy Inc Vs dog mask guy and his tag partner . Dog team gets the win.

Not sure if this was filmed or not Xplosion: A Native American heel wrestlers (missed name) Vs Rich Swann. Swann wins Xplosion: Scott And Swinger On commentary. Desi Hit Squad (Rohit And Raj) with Gama Vs Racalz (Wentz And Dez) Rascalz win Impact Segments:

Impact Segment #1: Havok with Mitchell Vs Taya And John E. Bravo Tenille Dashwood comes out. John E Bravo gets DQ by hitting ref and Taya retains title Tenille attacks Taya Lots of post match senninanigens

Segment #2: Johnny Swinger def Owen (missed last name)

Segment #3: Gama and Desi with Shera, as it’s Shera Vs Cousin Jake with Cody ringside. Shera wins, then a brawl with Cody and Desi post match

Segment #4: Shamrock comes out in ring Long promo on Moose. Kind of awkward. May have to edit it a little bit. Moose appears on the video board. At Shamrocks gym? Beats up some guys at the gym/dojo Moose Vs Shamrock was made official for BFG

Segment #5: Madison Rayne Vs Tennile Dashwood Tenille won

Segment #6: Eddie Edwards with Kenny Vs Reno Scum Kenny involved heavily Eddie wins after all wrestlers use Kenny on each other

Segment #7: Elgin Vs TJP with Fallah Bahh ringside Long, match. Lots of big spots. Elgin seemed like he was favoring his arm Elgin wins and looked hurt. Not sure if it’s a storyline or not Segment.

#8: Jake Crist with new video and music entrance for the Golden Draw comes out to commentary with Don and Josh ringside Daga Vs Bey (very over) Amazing match. Crowd very into it Lots of Bey chants Daga gets the win Dave Crist comes out and attacks post-match. Tessa saves Daga

Segment #9: Dave Crist (with Jake and Madman Fulton ringside) Vs Tessa. Fulton is ejected to the back by the ref Great match Tessa wins Jake And Fulton attack post match Daga doesn’t come out to save. Tessa is beat down and left lying They announced that Tessa’s win qualifies her for a BFG match of some sort. Unclear what match

Segment #10: LAX music hits. 2 dudes in LAX bandanas come out. They’re revealed as The North. hilarious antics from The North Heel promo from The North Konnan comes In ring and does a promo Konnan sets up North Vs RVD and Rhyno And we get that match now. RVD was very over. Rhyno over too. Lots of chants RVD and Rhyno win

Segment #11: Set up for Cage and Melissa wedding ceremony in ring They shot live stuff by Don and Josh with fans during this time for TV

Segment #12: Wedding ceremony celebration with Cage and Melissa. In ring with the ropes taken down and wedding decorations A bunch of people ringside dressed up. Impact Wrestlers come down for the ceremony too Cage and Melissa come out

They have a traditional first dance with each other Sami comes out on the mic Sami goes to hit Cage with a bottle but accidentally breaks it over Melissa’s head. Crazy spot that was very real looking Melissa is hurt badly (kayfabe) and everyone is checking on her

End of Night 1.

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Impact Vegas Spoilers Night Two 9/6/19

Preshow notes-

Shamrock and Moose press conference happened earlier in the day at The Fight Shop on the Vegas Strip. RVD and Tenille doing pics with fans on the inside of the venue.

Crowd: late arriving. 90% capacity after the first 30 mins

Evan (last name?) Vs Damos? Damos wins. He’s a big dude with tattoos.

Not sure if this was filmed Live shots by Don and Josh with fans at the commentary table. Chanting from fans.

Xplosion: Tyler (last name?) Vs TJP with Fallah Bahh ringside TJP wins. Bahh and TJP seem to be a team now.

Taya w/ Johnny Bravo def Lacey Bryan?

Impact Segments

Segment #1: Gama Singh in ring DHS (all 3) come out Vs Rascalz (all 3) in a trios match. Started some Rascalz chants on this one DHS win with Sheera pinning Wentz

Segment #2: all 4 oVe members come out Sami cuts a heel promo, apologizing for hitting Melissa with the bottle. Cage comes out and destroys everyone. Sami And Cage go face to face. Cage gets arrested by Vegas cops (kayfabe) for accidentally hitting a fan or an employee ringside. Unclear on who got hurt kayfabe ringside

Segment #3: Madison Rayne Vs Kiera Hogan Vs Tenille Dashwood in the 3 way match Tenille wins Long match.

Segment #4: Ace Austin (sporting a “I just banged your wife” shirt) Vs Eddie (no Kenny) Ace making out with a random audience member off and on. His persona is even more pronounced now. Hair dyed purple. Reno Scum interfered and Ace wins They all 3 beat Eddie down after and those 3 (Ace And Reno Scum) appear to have an alliance.

Segment #5: Moose Vs Stephan Bonnar Moose wins. Shamrock comes out Shamrock beats Moose down and makes him tap to the ankle lock

Segment #6: Katie Forbes with a nice entrance with twerking and money falling Vs Jordynne Grace Jordynne wins

Segment #7: Chris Bey Vs Jake Grist Great match! Wow! oVe chants hot crowd on this one Jake wins

Segment #8: Elgin Vs Fallah Bahh Hard hitting match. TJP ringside Bahh chants Elgin wins on a HUGE powerbomb spot. TJP gets beat down outside the ring afterwards and in the ring. Elgin destroys him.

Segment #9: Sabu with Super Genie ringside Vs Rohit with Gama ringside Chair and a table involved Double countout after Sabu goes through a table with Rohit on it

Segment #10: Intergender Battle Royal: Participants are: Eddie Edwards Reno Scum, Deaners, Raj Singh, Sheera, Johnny Swinger, Kiera Hogan, Havok, Jordynne Grace & Rosemary. Sheera wins by eliminating Eddie

Segment #11: Jake Crist And Fulton (Dave ringside) Vs. Daga and Tessa Tessa pins Jake after delivering her Magnum finisher Fulton chokslams Daga And slams Tessa hard post match Cage comes down and beats down oVe Sami comes down with a chair. oVe beats down Cage Melissa comes out: Sami gives her a vicious piledriver as Cage is handcuffed to the ropes, oVe leaves

Segment #12: Main Event: Josh Alexander (Ethan Page ringside) Vs Rhyno (with RVD ringside) Vs Rich Swann (Will Mack ringside) in a 3 way match. Swann wins with a 450 splash on Josh Alexander

Show ends. They will be back in Vegas at a future date for sure.

Complete Impact Vegas Spoilers from September 5th and 6th.

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