Picard Season 1 Finale Easter Eggs

picard season 1 finale
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Check out True1ne’s Easter Eggs from the Picard Season 1 Finale.

The following article contains spoilers for the finale and entire Season 1 of Picard. You can watch each episode of Picard S1 now on CBS All Access.

-Some synthetics who were created by Bruce Maddox and Arik Soong were named after flowers while the others were named in tribute to Data.

-Romulan prophecy was hinted to dating back to human colonization by other creatures one example in the TNG episode “The Chase”.

-Oh’s real name is Nadar.
-Oh ordering sterilization is a throwback to the original series where a robot named Nomad wanted to destroy all organic life.

-The original Star Trek theme is heard when Picard gives his inspirational speech.

– Picard executing a Starflert maneuver was from when he was captain of the Stargazer.

– Seven of Nine kicking off Narissa to her death off of a Borg cliff was a throwback to Star Trek 3 Movie when Kirk kicked off the Klingon general.

– Soong using a “off switch” on Sutra was the same one used on Data.

-Will Riker resuming acting command onboard of the Zheng-he is a throwback to All Good Things where he saved Picard, Beverly, Worf, Geordi, and the Pasteur crew from the Klingons. Riker despite being Captain of the Enterprise-D was promoted as Admiral. The Zheng-he inner model is from the new current series such as Discovery.

-Riker mentioning a treaty establishment is a throwback to the neutral zone established between the Federation and the Romulans.

-Data was wearing same suit he died in Nemesis and revealed his memories were actually to B-4.

-When Picard’s vision of Data starts to fade, the original door opening sounds of the Enterprise is heard.

-Data talking about the pleasure of death is a throwback to the TNG episode, Time’s Error where he and Geordi have a conversation of death and mentions that someday he will die and taking comfort.

-Data on his death bed is seen wearing velvet robes which is a throwback to some he wore in TNG. He listens to “Blue Skies” which the version he hears was done by actresss Isa Briones (Soji/Daj).

-Actress Denise Crosby who played Lt. Tasha Yar is the granddaughter of Bing Crosby.

-Picard giving his eulogy speech is from the Tempest which is actually from Prospero who Data played in a play in a TNG episode.

-Seven and Raffi interacting at the end in which a Vulcan strategy puzzle game called Calltoh is seen in background is a throwback to Voyager where Tuvok was unstoppable at playing until in a Voyager episode Seven beat him.

-The new combadge is a modified combadge that is a throwback to the one seen in Endgame and All Good Things.

(This article was written by our user True1ne)

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