5 IMPACT Wrestlers Who Will “Level Up” in 2022

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Hello IMPACT fans! I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season. If you don’t know me, I’m Jay, moderator and “writer” at this establishment. I use quotes because I’m not an actual writer, writing is hard, but I do my best. For anyone new, we have an IMPACT Discussion, so check that out.

And let’s get right to it! This article is about IMPACT Wrestlers I believe will “level up” in 2022.

Tasha Steelz

These are in no particular order, but I wanted to start off with the “Boricua Badass“, because she is already a two-time Knockouts Tag Team Champion. Before coming to IMPACT, Tasha worked for Ring of Honor (ROH) and the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). I watched some of her NWA stuff and thought she would be a solid addition to the IMPACT roster, but she’s been so much better than that!

After Kiera left, I was worried about Tasha but that didn’t last long. It doesn’t hurt having Savannah Evans around, I don’t think she needs anyone at this point tho. She’s my pick to win the first ever Knockouts Ultimate X match at “Hard to Kill”. Just being in the main event scene would be a “level up”. I also think she’s got a very good chance at becoming KO’s Champ in 2022, and I’d love to see it.



I didn’t know anything about VSK when he showed up on IMPACT Wrestling. Then his first match was impressive, which has become the norm for his matches. VSK is part of “The Learning Tree” where he quickly became Brian Myers favorite student. He has previously wrestled on All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Dark and won titles at Create-A-Pro, WXW, Victory Pro and other independents promotions.

In 2022, I believe he’ll win his first IMPACT Championship. I’m going to guess Tag Team Champ, maybe with Myers. I could also see him becoming Digital Media Champion (DMC).


Rachael Ellering

Rachael is another who has already won IMPACT gold, as a KO’s Tag Champ along with Jordynne Grace. The former WWE NXT superstar, daughter of pro wrestling legend Paul Ellering, simply has the “It Factor”. She’s also a fantastic wrestler with an incredibly likable character and a cool, fitting nickname, “Queen of Strong Smile”.

I think sometime in 2022, Jordynne turns heel and feuds with Rachael. That will give us amazing matches based on a great long-term story with real life elements (her friend Jordynne), and solidify Rachael as a top Knockout. I also wouldn’t be surprised at all if she wins the Ultimate X match.

Steve Maclin

When I read Steve Cutler (now Maclin), former member of WWE’s “Forgotten Sons” was coming to IMPACT, I wasn’t too excited. I watched some of their stuff, thought they were ok with lame characters. It’s hard to compare talent when they’re with other promotions tho. IMPACT is great with characters and they usually prove it when new talent comes in.

Maclin has only been part of IMPACT since June and already has come close to winning the X-Division Championship. He’s a big dude that wrestles a different (in a good way) style and has an interesting character that I’d like to see more fleshed out. At Bound for Glory, he wasn’t able to bring home the gold. But I have no doubt he’ll win that title in 2022, maybe right after dropping the first name (Maclin alone sounds way more badass IMO).


Jake Something

I mentioned earlier how these are in no particular order, but Jake is last for a reason. If I made this list a year ago, he would have been on it. So I’m a bit skeptical his big push is ever coming. Why wouldn’t it? I have no idea, Jake is a monster with a great look than can wrestle.

He’s now been with IMPACT since 2018 and yet to win gold. That HAS to change in 2022 (unless the bookers are crazy or I’m missing something), I’m just not sure how. Either as DMC or Tag Champ, possibly even World Champ with the right push, challengers, story-lines, etc.

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What do you think? Let us know in the comment section!

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