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“60 Minutes” on CBS April 4 2021 Preview | Florida Vaccine Rollout

This Sunday (April 4, 2021) an all new episode of “60 Minutes” on CBS features reports on Philanthropist Darren Walker and Florida’s Vaccine rollout issues

The April 4 episode of “60 Minutes” premieres at 7PM ET on the CBS Television Network.

You can watch previous episodes at CBS.com and on Paramount Plus.

DARREN WALKER- Darren has been shaking up the world of philanthropy. Since becoming president of the Ford Foundation, one of this country’s largest and most storied philanthropies, he’s called for donors to become doers. He has reoriented the foundation’s more than half a billion dollars in annual grant-making around a single goal — fighting inequality, which he calls “the greatest harm to our democracy.” Lesley Stahl profiles Walker — a gay, Black man who grew up poor and now moves easily in the wealthiest circles of America on a mission to push philanthropy to get at the root causes of inequality and injustice.

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SURVIVAL- For generations, William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies has been required reading for high school students around the world. It’s a fictional tale of a group of British schoolboys marooned on an island who divide into competing tribes and descend into violence and murder. Last year, in the midst of the global pandemic, a 50-year-old survival story not dissimilar to Lord of the Flies resurfaced. This real-life story could not have ended more differently. Holly Williams reports on the tale of six teenage castaways who survived on an uninhabited island for 15 months

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A FAIR SHOT- Sharyn Alfonsi investigates allegations that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis made decisions about COVID vaccine distribution favoring wealthy or connected individuals, including a supermarket chain that recently donated to the governor’s PAC.

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