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60 Minutes December 26 2021 on CBS | Weather & Wine | Drawing Truth

Sunday (December 26, 2021) the hit CBS News series “60 Minutes” is back with another all-new episode

The December 26 edition of “60 Minutes” airs at 7:30PM ET on CBS (or following NFL coverage). You can watch previous episodes on Paramount+. and CBS.com.

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Scientists say climate change is altering the world’s prime wine-growing regions. Extreme weather episodes like unusual heat and damaging frosts are upending the practices and economics of winemaking, and in some cases, changing the taste of the wine itself – from Napa Valley to Spain, Italy and France.

But the rising temperatures have also had other unforeseen effects like in Great Britain, where the warming weather has been a boon to England’s wine industry. Lesley Stahl traveled to France and Great Britain to document the impact of climate change on the great wine regions of the world.

This is a two-part story. Richard Bonin is the producer.


Badiucao, China’s foremost political cartoonist and street artist, uses his pointed drawings to poke at Chinese President Xi Jinping and his authoritarian regime in public ways. He is best known for plastering large posters of his cartoons on walls all over Australia and Europe and online, such as a depiction of President Xi hunting for Winnie the Pooh after China censored images of the Disney character when an internet meme compared Xi’s appearance to Pooh.

His drawings go viral worldwide after he posts them on social media, and he has predictably drawn the ire of the Chinese government. Now exiled in Australia, Badiucao, which is not his real name, was forced to use colorful ski masks to disguise his identity for years. Jon Wertheim interviews China’s artful dissident unmasked Sunday on 60 MINUTES. 

Draggan Mihailovich and Jacqueline Williams are the producers. Promo is at the top of page.

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