AAW- Windy City Classic XIV Results



AAW Women’s Title Match
Kylie Rae defeated Kimber Lee in a submission match after a crossface.  Kimber jumped started the show by beating down on someone coming out for a match, asking for the match to start now and jumped Kylie when she was coming out. Kimber showed great fire and brutality here but Chicago’s Favorite Daughter Kylie and her submission skills were too much to handle. (Second defense, 9:14)

Three Way Match
Darby Allin defeats Rich Swann and Shane Strickland after Darby pinned Strickland in a fun match.  (9:13)

David Starr (with Eddie Kingston) defeats Jeff Cobb after Eddie’s interference and making unconscious Cobb pass out from the chinlock. The segment started out with Sarah Shockey interviewing the WRSTLING group – Starr mentioned how he and Eddie just lost the AAW Tag Team Titles, Trevor just lost the Heritage Championship and Cobb – never won a title in AAW.

Starr questioned Cobb’s status in WRSTLING in 2019 while mentioning his failures, while Kingston noted to Starr that the year is up on David guiding his career.  Cobb asks to settle the issues with Starr in the ring. After hitting a low blow to Cobb, Starr grabs a chair from under the ring. However, Kingston comes to the ring to take the chair away from Starr. He then proceeds to attack Cobb and beat him down for Starr. After the match, Kingston berates Cobb saying he’s glad Cobb signed elsewhere because Cobb doesn’t have what it takes to hang with him and David Starr.  Cobb got a standing ovation for his final AAW performance.  (11:52)

Six Man Tag Team Match
Scarlett Bordeaux & The Besties In The World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) defeat Curt Stallion, Jake Something & Quinn McKay when Scarlett pinned Quinn after.  After the match Stallion and Something beat down on their opponents. (11:40)

AAW Heritage Title Match
In a superb match DJZ defeated Bandido to retain the championship after a ZDT off the top rope. I can’t do this match justice.  But its must see.  (Second defense, 16:40)

AAW Heritage Title #1 Contendership Six Way Scramble Match
Maxwell Jacob Friedman defeats Ace Romero and Colt Cabana and Mance Warner and Stephen Wolf and Trey Miguel.  The end of the match saw Colt put Trey Miguel in the Billy Goat’s Curse, but MJF hits a low blow. MJF and used his scarf to wrap Colt’s legs up for the tainted win (8:57)

Tag Team Dog Collar Match
Jimmy Jacobs & Josh Briggs defeat Jessicka Havok & PACO when Briggs pinned PACO in a wild dog collar match.  After the match Briggs decided to finally sit “under the learning tree” of the Kingmaker known as Jimmy Jacobs (11:27)

Grudge Match
Eddie Kingston (with David Starr) defeats ACH after four backfists.  The story of the match was Eddie trying to have ACH defeat him and “end it” including one point where Kingston had his neck between a chair (ie  Pilmanize) and telling a conflicted ACH to “do it.”  As Eddie mentioned, ACH couldn’t use the “kill shot” on him.

David Starr, Kingston’s teammate in WRSTLING interfered with a low blow and then they used masking tape to attach ACH to the ropes and eat three backfists before the fourth one for the win.   After the match – ACH admits that while he has to go back on his word saying he’s got plenty left in the tank in AAW, he admits that he has one more match left…(16:37)

AAW Tag Team Title Match
FireFox (AR Fox & Myron Reed) defeated The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) in a high flying action packed encounter after Reed small packed Wentz to retain the titles.  (15:27)

AAW Heavyweight Title Steel Cage Match
Sami Callihan (with JT Davidson) defeats Brody King to win the AAW Heavyweight Championship for the third time after King submitted to the Stretch Muffler. A true fight inside the steel cage with kendo sticks, tables, chairs.  Brody came into the match with his jaw wired shut – yet he absorbed tons of punishment from THE DRAW.  After trading piledrivers and multiple moves – Sami used part of a broken table to attack Brody’s leg and then applied the muffler for the win.

After the match David Starr and Eddie Kingston came to the ring and brought the newest members of WRSTLING Curt Stallion & Jake Something and Quinn – as they beat down on the new and first ever three time AAW Heavyweight Champion and his manager.  Starr introduced the new WRSTLING and their goal of winning the AAW Heavyweight Championship.  Sami had words for Starr and bumped knuckles with Brody in a sign of respect to close the show.  (Brody fails in his third defense, 19:23)

AAW’s Windy City Classic which took place on 12/29/18, results from PWI

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