ABC: 20/20 Event Special “Marni Yang” | July 16 2021 Preview


This Friday (July 16, 2021) ABC: “20/20” features an interview with Marni Yang, who is serving life in prison for the murder of a Chicago Bears star’s pregnant girlfriend

The July 16 encore edition of “20/20″ airs at 9PM ET on ABC. Previous episodes are available at, on-demand and Hulu. The series is also available to stream on ABC News digital platforms.

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A case that sent shock waves through Chicago began when police discovered seven-month pregnant Rhoni Reuter, longtime girlfriend of legendary Chicago Bears defensive back Shaun Gayle, murdered inside her home in a quiet suburb.

A media frenzy ensued as authorities searched for the killer. Over three years later, a jury convicted Marni Yang, a single mother of three children, who had been romantically involved with Gayle. “Nightline” anchor Juju Chang sat down with Yang, who claimed she made up a false confession and was wrongly convicted. Yang also opened up about what she says was the motivation behind her false confession as well as her petition for a new trial. 

“20/20” also features an interview with Yang’s children, Andrew, Emily and Brandon Yang. They discussed the terror they felt as police searched their home, questioned them and allegedly coerced them into making false statements, an allegation the prosecution denies. 

The two-hour program reports on what Yang’s team sees as new evidence that questions if the right person is in prison and includes interviews with Yang’s current attorney Jed Stone as well as forensic reconstruction experts who firmly believe in Yang’s innocence.

This episode originally aired on 5/8/20.

ABC News’ “20/20” is an award-winning primetime program anchored by David Muir and Amy Robach. David Sloan is senior executive producer. Janice Johnston is executive producer.

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