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Angelina Love recently appeared on Women’s Wrestling Weekly Podcast. You can hear the full podcast below and below are some highlights via Wrestlezone.

Angelina on what she looks forward to in ROH 2020-

Winning, obviously, winning the Women of Honor Championship back, being a 2-time Women of Honor Champion, 8-time World Champion, and just you know bringing the Allure to you know heightened new levels, like we can always do, especially me and Velvet in a group, you know, we’ve been doing that for over a decade… so it’s cool to bring something different to Ring of Honor that they didn’t have before.

On Body Shaming-

You know I’ve been hearing stuff about my weight since like 2010, um, so it’s not like this was some shocking thing that I haven’t heard before, but you know I felt the need to call, like, the guys out, A, because it was coming from men, and, B, you know Ring of Honor and Women of Honor has always been known for the wrestling, it’s not supposed to matter about how you look or what you wear or what your body looks like. It’s supposed to be your ability to wrestle. So the fact that, you know we were getting so much hate, because you know we were coming in being as we are, it’s like I’m also proving myself, not that I need to, I’ve been wrestling for 19 years… but you know proving myself to a new crowd of fans that I can wrestle, won the Women’s championship, and then they’re still caught up on how I look… and I’m like doesn’t that make you hypocrites? Just wondering?

So I felt the need to say something because it happened at our Sept 27 and 28th shows in Vegas and then it happened again October 12 in New Orleans and I was like, two shows in row, I’ve got dudes screaming at me from the crowd about how much I weigh and I’m like, “Oh I thought that wasn’t supposed to matter, you don’t care about how I look, it’s supposed to be how I wrestle. But then you know the same people that are preaching about it’s all about wrestling are the ones that are freaking out about how we look too, so I was just kind of like, “I’m just going to call you out.”

Read more at Wrestlezone.

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