Fans Unite

Big Dawg Does Vegas, Part Deux

    I walked away from Night Three of the Impact Wrestling TV tapings in Las Vegas feeling like the company is going to be just fine.  In fact, they’re going to more than “just fine”.  It’s hard to put into words but when you’re able to really feel the good vibes of the product …

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Fans Unite

2018: “The Rebound Year” for Impact Wrestling

    Let’s get right down to it.  Impact Wrestling deserves more respect from the Internet Wrestling Community than they are currently receiving.  Once in a blue moon, when it needs to be pointed out, I will beat this drum and I am going to beat it now.  Where are the columns and articles from …

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Fans Unite

5 Reasons I’m Looking Forward to BFG

  I’m going to keep this piece shorter than usual and to the point.  While it may be somewhat true that the build for this Pay-Per-View could have perhaps been a bit more effective, there’s still a lot of anticipation and excitement for the Impact Wrestling product right now heading into the end of the …

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Viva Mexico!

  Am I wrong in thinking that the Mexico City Impact Wrestling TV tapings (September 13th & 14th) aren’t quite getting the attention that they deserve from the “wrestling media” and fans?  I concede that this two-day taping set would have maybe gotten more buzz if Impact would have announced it a bit further ahead …

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Tessa Blanchard: Truly a Diamond

By now, it’s no secret that Tessa Blanchard is your new Impact Wrestling KnockOuts Champion.  Talk about well deserved and undeniable.  She will represent the company very, very well and this was a shrewd move to put the belt on her.  Any wrestling promotion would love to even have her on their roster but it’s …

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A Killer in Toronto

  Impact Wrestling has really gotten it right with more than a handful of their newer talents lately.  Tessa Blanchard comes to mind as one of the best young female wrestlers in the business.  Su Yung has been absolutely fantastic with her work.  Sami Callihan is a maniac that has remarkably stirred up the entire …

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Oh Canada!!!

How refreshing was it to see a fairly hot crowd in Windsor that displayed a collective passion for Impact Wrestling?  It doesn’t have to be a massive venue to be effective but you can tell a distinct difference in the product when the passion comes pouring out of the live audience.  I try my best …

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Calling all Female Fans!

  Now, based on the name of this column, you’re probably thinking to yourself that this thing could go in several different directions.  I can assure you that this piece of writing is coming from a genuine place in my heart and with good intentions.  I won’t pretend to know how it feels to be …

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