Booker T On Luke Harper’s Release & Future | News


Pro Wrestling legend Booker T recently spoke on “The Hall of Fame with Booker T and Brad Gilmore” about Luke Harper’s release from WWE and what he sees for him in the future. The full video is posted below from Reality of Wrestling, along with our highlights.

Booker T on Luke Harper-

“Was he talented? Very, very talented. Was he a guy you couldn’t wait to see next week? He didn’t put himself in a position for that to happen.”

“But what I see with Luke Harper is…Stan Hansen, I see Japan written all over this kid. I see New Japan, I see him working over there for many, many years getting paid…because they love big Americans like a Luke Harper in Japan.”

“So I see Luke Harper having a great career, even after WWE, making perhaps more money than he ever made in his life.”

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