Slammiversary 2022 Preview


As Impact Wrestling Celebrates its 20th Anniversary, Let’s Preview the Slammiversary 2022 Pay-Per-View While Impact celebrates this impressive milestone, I can’t help but to ponder what this 20th Anniversary for Impact Wrestling means. If you’re truly a pro wrestling fan, then you already know why it’s important. Slammiversary 2022 represents […]

Spark The Discussion | DiscussPW Videos


Check out some DiscussPW videos from our Spark The Discussion podcast and Jay’s YT channel. Subscribe to Spark The Discussion Feel free to comment on any of our posts, we’d love to get your feedback. And most importantly, enjoy the site! Spark The Discussion, DiscussPW Videos. * There have been […]

BD’s IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary Preview | Bark of the Dawg


Well, here we are. Slammiversary is finally upon us and the road that led us to this point has been up and down to say the least. Check out my full preview and predictions below. All of those well done teasers and vignettes on the weekly Impact episodes have caused […]

Rascalz 420 | Bark of the Dawg


The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier, Zachary Wentz and Trey Miguel) are an amazingly talented trio that aren’t afraid to be themselves. Personally, that’s the thing that I respect about these three the most. If you know what the numbers 420 represent and then you see 3 great wrestlers proudly displaying those […]

Vegas: May the Fourth (Time) Be With You | Bark of the Dawg


I guess maybe the title of this piece will make more sense to Star Wars fans. You have to get creative when you’re writing about essentially the same thing for the fourth time. Yes, Impact Wrestling held a set of TV tapings in Vegas for the fourth time in the last year and a half.