Dave Bautista Reveals Surprising Reason Why He Became a Pro Wrestler

Actor and WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) legend Dave Bautista was a guest on the Kelly Clarkson Show today

“Army of the Dead” star Dave Bautista shared an inspirational story, discussed the surprising reason why he became a pro wrestler (or stuck with it) and more on the Kelly Clarkson Show today.

You can watch the full interview with Kelly Clarkson above, its def worth a listen. And you can see our highlights below.

Bautista on why he got into and stuck with pro wrestling-

“My first try out with professional wrestling, I was told to get out, leave, you’ll never be a pro wrestler. I was heartbroken for a week then spiteful. So I start pursuing it out of spite, because people told me I couldn’t do it.”

On a turning point in his life that gave him positivity-

“There was a time when I was closing on 30 and I was so broke one year that I couldn’t afford to buy my children Christmas presents. So I had to go and tuck my tail between my legs and go and ask the guy I was working for at the time, one of the club promoters, if I could borrow money to buy my kids Christmas presents.”

“And I was so embarrassed and so humiliated to have to do that, I just made that conscious effort that I’ll never do this again, I’ll never be put in this position again. I needed to provide for my children, I needed to start building a life for myself and stop living week to week…I was taking the easy way out and it was leading absolutely nowhere.”

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