Dave Meltzer calls GCW Fans “An Embarrassment to the Industry”


Last night it happened, current IMPACT star Matt Cardona (fka WWE’s Zack Ryder) defeated Nick Gage in a Deathmatch to become new GCW World Champion. We have quick results from the show ICYMI. Night two airs tonight on FITE TV and should be another crazy one.

So after last night’s match, some fans threw garbage in the ring. This led to Dave Meltzer calling the GCW fan reaction “such bullshit and such an embarrassment to the industry” on Twitter.

Keep in mind that Cardona and Gage had just wrestled a long and crazy Deathmatch! I doubt either was worried about being hit with a can after all that. Especially since one of them is Nick F-N Gage and the other is “Always Ready”!

Now I’ve only been watching GCW for a couple of months and clearly the fans are a huge part of the show. I’m guessing those cans were empty or close, because GCW fans aren’t morons. They know the characters, stories, etc and they know how to react.

I’m not saying throwing garbage at wrestling shows is a good thing. But maybe sometimes like last night, it’s not so bad? I’m sure I’d feel differently if I was in the ring. But like Dave and everyone except those two wrestlers, I wasn’t.

You can see the tweets below from Dave and then Cardona, who seemingly loved the reaction.

*Update– GCW tweeted about their new t-shirt based on Dave’s tweet, linked below.

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What say you Wrestling fans? Which side are you on? Dave Meltzer’s or…Wrestling fans? Let us know in the comments.

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