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Impact Wrestling Star and 1/3 of the Rascal’s Dezmond Xavier recently spoke on TWM Talks. He talked about Impact Wrestling, the Rascalz, the wrestling business overall and much more! Listen to the full video here and check out our highlights below-

Dez on the competition in the Impact Locker room-

“The amount of competition in that locker room, not in the aspect of ‘I just want to be better than you’. But ‘Hey I can do this, what can you do?’. And it’s more like a hot dog contest where you’re trying to show someone up by doing your best stuff.

It’s not to belittle the other people in the locker room, it’s more so just to showcase “I can perform here, you can too as well’.

On which Wrestlers made him appreciate the art of Wrestling-

Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero. They really showed me they can paint a picture with not just their words but also the athleticism, raw emotion…”

On how the Rascalz came about-

“It kind of just happened and that’s how you know it’s meant to be. I knew Zach thru a seminar then Trey ending up becoming best friends with Zach…and we all ended up being best friends with each other.”

On advice he gives other talent-

“Try and be as unique as possible, you don’t have to force anything. Just allow yourself to be who you are”

On good people in the Wrestling Business finally getting their due-

“People out there doing good in wrestling, they’re starting to get their due. They all were overlooked because it wasn’t their time. But now it is their time and their getting this chance to really shine. The landscape of wrestling is absolutely ridiculous on a talent level but at the same time there’s a lot of people with really good hearts that are on top of that landscape making things work.”

Dez also spoke about being a fan of the Golden Girls and more. Be sure to listen to the full interview.

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