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On the most recent episode of Dropkick DiSKussions, Dezmond Xavier spoke about the current roster. Also working with legends RVD & Shamrock, tag team Wrestling, Sami Callihan, Madman Fulton and more.

You can watch the full video here and highlights from Sportskeeda are below.

Dez on IMPACT’s recent new TV deals in the US, UK & Africa

It’s absolutely amazing. Not just the fact that we’re on the new channels but the way the roster has been revitalized with the new energy. Everybody is excited to be at work and excited to see what everybody is capable of in the ring, and it’s an environment that’s breeding creativity and healthy competition, and it’s extremely fun.

Along with the direction of our management, giving us the freedom that we do have to really exhibit our athletic abilities along with creativity, it’s very special right now to be part of IMPACT.

On working with legends like RVD and Ken Shamrock-

It’s special because we’re able to have legends that are right next to us in the locker room that we can have an opportunity to have conversations with and pick the minds of so that we can take the information that they have formulated over their generations of wrestling and evolve that, and pass it on to the next generation once it’s our time to be in their position one day, hopefully.

To have them part of the company, not only is it just nostalgic to see them do the things they are doing and also amazing that they are still able to perform at that high level, but it’s also very awesome for the insight and knowledge that we are able to get from them in day-to-day conversations when we’re at work.

On TJP saying IMPACT is making tag team wrestling relevant again-

I completely agree. The tag team division of IMPACT is absolutely insane. I and Zachary, including along with Trey thrown into the mix because you never know exactly which Rascal you’re going to get.

The North is dominating right now. The Desi Hit Squad is gaining a whole lot of traction and The Deaners are definitely someone we have to keep an eye out for now. Reno Scum has been eyeing a lot of people out as well so the whole tag team division is absolutely amazing and we’re looking to scratch and claw our way to the top.

On Sami Callihan-

Sami Callihan is somebody that I hold very near and dear to my heart even though he is absolutely crazy. I mean that in the best way possible. Him being World Champion is a testament to the evolution of professional wrestling where you don’t have to be this six-foot-five, 280-pound man made of muscle. You can be somebody that has created a unique style that is just better than what others have, and he’s been able to showcase that.

So, him being the World Champion, it kind of shows that can be seen as the top of any company and it’s revolutionary, so I tip my hat to him and I hold his words he said about me in very high regard.

Who Dez sees as the future stars of IMPACT-

Oh, wow. Too many to name, honestly. Sami Callihan has already established himself as somebody that can do that. Tessa is another person that has showcased herself to be someone kind of cut from a different cloth, along with Rich Swann, Willie Mack.

Individually, Ethan Page and Josh Alexander are people who can be at the top of the company as well. Moose is still Thanks somebody that’s on top of the company as well. At the moment, he will continue to be along with Eddie Edwards. One person, I’m actually keeping my eye out for his Madman Fulton. He is somebody that has a lot of rage and once he finds a way to channel that, he is going to be a dangerous individual.

Which wrestler he’d “love to work with”-

Going back to the last person I mentioned, it would have to be Madman Fulton. I like the challenge of having that clash of styles. Seeing him working in the ring and things like that, it does put a little bit of a fire in me to try and take him on.

On working with Mahabali Shera-

It’s great but it’s also very terrifying at the exact same time because he is somebody that you have to watch out for – because he has a very unique combination of speed and power that is not something that you can underestimate in any way, shape or form.

Even though you may have a gameplan for him, it may not work out for you, so him being back is great for competition-wise but also not great for competition-wise as well.

His fantasy tag partner (living or dead)-

Although I would love to have had a one-on-one match with them, I would also love to have tagged with Amazing Red. That would have been amazing.

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