Dorian Roldán on Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide U.S. Expansion


Dorian Roldán recently spoke with Wrestling Inc on their WINCLY podcast. He talked about the huge Madison Square Garden show, AAA Invades NY taking place on September 15th. AAA expanding in the United States, working with other promotions and more.

Here are some highlights-

On running a show at MSG-

“I think for any entertainment company in the world, all of us share that dream that is to be in that iconic venue. Speaking about this show in particularly, it was a long process. We have been in discussions with Madison Square Garden for several years. At least in the last couple of years, we have been really much more aggressive trying to close a deal. We were trying to enter since the last year. We were in a position to book the venue a year ago, to make the show in 2018. But we weren’t prepared or in a trustful position to be successful.

“So, we decided to push the show to this year and have the ticket sales on Cinco De Mayo, to be on September 15. For that to be the night we celebrate our Independence Day. I think it was a really good position to push a show. I think we are in a different stage. We have really professional talents working with us. We are in that time to make decisions to make the company more global. This is our statement that we are entering America in a different way, a more professional way and in the most iconic place that is the Madison Square Garden.”

On working with other promotions-

AAA is open to collaborating with promotions from around the world. The mindset Roldán shares is that when people work together, it can only make the industry bigger and stronger. He teases talent representatives from other companies would be working the show but couldn’t reveal too many details that are still being finalized.

“We made the announcement with Tony Khan and his team at AEW. We also have a really good relationship with the people from Impact. I was personally there at the Ring of Honor for the last event they had at Madison Square Garden. I said hello to Joe Koff,” he said. “Of course, we are competitors, but I think at the end of the day we want, and need have alliances.

On working with Konnan-

Roldán called Konnan one of the best bookers in the world. “It’s not an easy job because at the end of the day, there are many different kinds of wrestling fans,” he said. “The wrestling fan who likes the comedy, the fan who likes a very good quality match. We also need to satisfy the Mexican community. It’s going to be interesting. We think we are in a position right now to have the talent that can satisfy the different kinds of fans.”

On expanding in the United States-

“The second one for example is giving an announcement really soon of a second venue we are going to produce this year. Another show from AAA. At the end of the day, what we are trying to do and discussion this week is to at least produce 10 shows in America, during the summer. It’s part of the plan we have in mind right now.”

On maximizing the number of eyes on the MSG show-

“We are having conversations with the most important Spanish TV networks, but we are right now not able to reveal the terms of how it’s going to work. We are also having conversations with local television to make the show available and with digital platforms to make this available on a worldwide basis.

“It’s not part of our Twitch deal. It’s not going to be available on Twitch. It was not on there when we signed the Twitch deal, so it’s not there. It’s also going, of course, be captured in Mexico. We are also finalizing the final terms with our current partners in media.”

Here is a link to the full article from Scott Fishman at WINC.

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