Eddie Edwards Talks BFG, Ace Austin/Alisha Angle, Plus More! | News


Eddie Edwards spoke to Wrestling Inc on their latest WINCLY podcast about the Ace Austin angle with Eddie’s wife Alisha, and much more. You can see our highlights below.

Eddie on this year’s Bound For Glory show-

“It felt like a big show. It felt like the closing of a chapter and the opening of a new book. We knew a lot of eyes in pro wrestling would be on us and it was our chance to deliver as a company and roster. It’s a PPV but also a taste of what Impact Wrestling can be. This is what you’ll be able to see week after week on TV so that was the mentality going in. It was a refreshing state of mind for everybody as we know the direction we’re headed, so let’s just go there full steam ahead.”

On the angle with Ace Austin and his wife Alisha-

“It was different and something we hadn’t tried. Anytime we get to work Impact on television, it’s always cool because who says they get to do that with their spouse? We were very grateful to get to do that and in the end Kenny got to beat Ace Austin’s ass.

“In the end it’s gonna be wrapped up with a nice bow on it. We are husband and wife so we do have discussions and decide how we feel about it. Impact is very open to hearing our side of view and if there was anything we didn’t feel comfortable with, then they would be happy to change and oblige us.”

On the changes since moving to AXS TV-

“For myself and for my close friends I’ve spoken to, we’re very happy. AXS TV if fully behind us with promotion, graphics and production. From top to the bottom, we’re all on the same page and moving in the same direction. “I’ve been through a couple of changeovers where you don’t know what the next step is gonna be. My job as a pro wrestler is to go out there and wrestle and hope for the best. We all know what our goal is and our goal is to make Impact the best it can be. I’m very confident in our ability to do that and it’s a unique time, but it’s a great time.”

On Ken Shamrock and Joey Ryan working with Impact-

“I think it’s awesome. I was and still am a huge Ken Shamrock fan. “To see him a part of Impact is surreal to me. He’s a guy I looked up to and still do. To see him putting the effort that he is right now – you can hear it in his voice and he’s very into what’s going on. He’s doing what’s best for Impact Wrestling. Sometimes you get guys who come in and they’re just looking out for themselves, but that’s not the case with Shamrock.

“The stuff with Joey got people talking and that is a success right there. We got people to tune in to see if Ken Shamrock will grab Joey Ryan’s penis on TV. That’s a good day right there.”

Eddie faces Ace once again at No Surrender on December 7th in Dayton. Tickets on sale now at the link.

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