Eric Bischoff On The WWE Product Being Stale | News


Eric Bischoff recently spoke with on the Keepin’ it 100 podcast with Konnan. You can hear the full episode at the link and below are some highlights from Sportskeeda.

Bischoff was asked about the current stale WWE product-

“One of the reasons we’re not seeing a completely different presentation is not because Vince doesn’t have his finger on the pulse, it’s because the industry won’t tolerate it.

“You can’t do the types of things we did in WCW in 95 and 96, 97, 98 and even 99. You can’t do that anymore. Television has changed. Culture has changed and I think if you’re going to cater to the television industry, which they have to do, because of the way their business is structured and television is going to be reactive to the culture in general.”

Read the full article at Sportskeeda.

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