Ethan Page On Kylie Rae “Best Signing In The Company”

Ethan Page Kylie Rae

1/2 of the longest reigning IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions of all time, The North’s Ethan Page recently spoke with Wrestlezone about new IMPACT signing Kylie Rae.

Ethan Page spoke with Wrestlezone Editor Bill Pritchard before his incredibly entertaining Body Guy Extravaganza show (full show linked above).

You can read highlights from Page’s interview about Kylie Rae with Wrestlezone below.

“She automatically brightens up any locker room and her attitude is one that you can’t teach. Like you said, I’ve worked with her in the ring so many times and I’ve been wrestling about 14-15 years—I’ve never met someone that’s so nervous before they perform,” Page said, “and then when they step through the curtain it just washes away. It’s like she becomes a female Shawn Michaels.”

“That’s just an intangible, a once in a lifetime thing. Even in her promos, you can tell she’s nervous, and the crowd just naturally gravitates towards that in a positive way, which is so rare in wrestling. Usually when people are nervous in their interviews the crowd [writes them off or criticizes them]. ‘Oh, why is this guy stuttering over his words?’ With her, it’s ‘we love her, we support her, we need this to go good.’ With time, she’s going to be the best wrestler in the world, guy or girl, it doesn’t matter. I’m so excited,” Page said. “It’s the best signing in the company—bigger and better than when they signed me. ‘All Ego’ will happily admit that.” [laughs]

“What I’m seeing with how Tessa’s wrestling—I just wrestled her in the main event on last week’s TV tapings—with the intergender stuff and us being the only national TV brand that’s doing full-length [intergender] matches—she’s (Kylie) a talent that can do that. I can’t say enough good things. If you want to talk about her for the rest of the interview, I don’t mind.”

Ethan Page on Kylie Rae

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