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IMPACT Wrestling Fans Returning for Slammiversary? Moose Update

IMPACT Wrestling star and owner of “Swingers Palace”, Johnny Swinger recently did a Q&A session on IWTV where he spoke about when IMPACT might be going live again with fans, Moose, Meltzer and more

The IWTV report from the Johnny Swinger Q&A comes from KurrganMark on Reddit. You can see highlights here and the full post at the link. Also, this Thursday night is an all-new episode of IMPACT, check out the announced matches and more at the link below.

Q. When will Impact be live?

Last thing he heard was around September or October. Doesn’t think it’ll be Slammiversary however that could change as everyone is pitching to Scott, so we’ll see. Impact like to plan things in advance so again we’ll see.

Q. Is Moose staying?

Yes Moose is staying around and re-signed. Although he himself wants to be the one to break it and not Dave Meltzer. Moose isn’t a fan of Dave.

Q. How he likes Impact?

Glad to be out of the ring more and doing more backstage stuff like Swingers Palace as his body has taken a toll over the last 25 years in the ring but loving Impact. Was sold out of Swinger Palace shirts so wearing a Slammiversary 2021 shirt. Very happy with his merch sales and put over Scott D’Amore for being a great boss who listens to people.

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