Fusion Episode 45 Review | MLW 2/16/19


MLW Fusion Review, Episode 45, original air date 2/16/19.


Fusion episode 45, if you haven’t seen it yet-

MLW Fusion Episode 45 review-

Matt Striker and Rich Bocchini on commentary.

Show starts with highlights of the Hart Foundation, then Davey Boy Smith Jr talking about learning the Japanese language and more about the culture. Also talks about shirts they got made in Japan, along with Pillman Jr who was there. I think that video was from Japan? Not sure but cool start.

Backstage promo from Salina de la Renta who says Low-Ki will be enacting his rematch clause at Intimidation Games. (Later in the show Lawler accepted and it will be a steel cage match)

-Ace Austin vs Rich Swann

Swann with a quick video hyping himself in the corner of the screen before the match begins, cool. Good back and forth early on with a lot of counters. Swann took control and they wrestled outside for a bit, MLW has a 20 count instead of 10 and I really like that. Back inside the ring, more back and forth, and Ace gets the win kind of out nowhere, after a top rope bomb. Odd finish, looked like a fast count or something and Swann flipped out after. He knocked out Rich Bocchini and I think some other MLW employee. Not sure but it was nice seeing heel Swann…good segment and match.

-Alexander Hammerstone (MLW debut) vs Ariel Dominguez

Hammerstone looks like a giant compared to Ariel and this was basically a squash. Ariel tried some stuff but Hammerstone no sold or blocked most everything, before hitting Ariel with a nasty german suplex. Then carried him Ariel around like a child before a pump handle fall away slam. Some boos from the crowd and some chants of “one more time” while Hammerstone was toying with Dominguez.

Ariel got a tiny bit of offense in, but that just seemed to piss off Hammerstone more. And he got the win quickly after with his finisher, called the Nightmare Engine, which is a pretty bad-ass finisher name IMO….Fun squash that made Hammerstone look great.

Quick Mance Warner video talking about his debut next week.

MLW World Middleweight Championship Match
-Teddy Hart (c) vs MJF

MJF on the mic before the match begins, crowd chants “shut the fuck up” before he can even get a word out, now that’s a heel! He talks about being the fastest rising star in pro wrestling today, bashes Philly (where the show took place) and ECW. Calls Teddy a “jailbird”, says he needs the Hart Foundation’s help and bashed the crowd some more. Awesome job by MJF, I haven’t seen a ton of him but his promo’s are always fantastic.

Out comes Teddy in a crazy looking outfit, with a live cat? Yea it is, the cat is sitting on the top rope now, never seen that before. Teddy plays to the crowd, MJF attacks and takes control early, gets even more heat from the crowd.

MJF stayed in control, mostly keeping Teddy on the ground and talking shit nonstop, which is hilarious. Teddy finally gets control after hitting a nasty looking lungblower and stayed in control for a while. Teddy hit a Canadian Destroyer off the rop rope but it also knocked the ref out so he couldn’t get the pin. Hammerlock DDT from Teddy, he’s got some really cool offensive moves. MJF snuck out and got a chair, but Teddy hit him with a lowblow before he can use it. Then Teddy used the chair before hitting an electric chair lungblower, then a corkscrew moonsault for the win….Great match/story.

Post match, Teddy gets attacked backstage by MJF and Richard Holliday to end the show.

DiscussPW Grade- 8.3

This was my first time watching a full episode of Fusion, so I was a little lost, but I thought it was really good. I def recommend checking this entire episode out and I’ll be back for more next week.

What did you think about this week’s episode of Fusion? Let us know in the comments section below.


*MLW Fusion episode #45 review and results, 2/16/19.

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