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GCW “Emo Fight” in New York City on September 23 2021

GCW makes their return to New York City on Thursday, September 23, 2021 at the The Melrose Ballroom with “Emo Fight”

GCW “Emo Fight” in New York City will stream LIVE on FITE TV. The event is presented by Orange Crush and tickets are available now at Eventbrite.

“Emo Fight” takes place at The Melrose Ballroom. You can find venue information below in our details section.

*Updated with results and highlights-

GCW “Emo Fight” Results & Highlights from September 23 2021

Already announced:


  • PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) presents live musical performances by Wicca Phase, Marko Stunt, Zac from Man Overboard and DJ MDK!


  • Jimmy Jacobs, Alex Zayne, Colby Corino, Matt Vandagriff, Allie Katch, Gabby Ortiz and more!


Emo Fight is Part one of a two night return to NYC for GCW. Details on the September 24th event can be found at the link.

“Emo Fight” combines the best elements of “Emo Night”, a popular celebration of emo, pop punk and your favorite music from the days of Myspace with the world of Game Changer Wrestling. Featuring LIVE pro wrestling matches, along with musical performances, live DJ’s, a heavy does of nostalgia and a unique presentation, EMO FIGHT will give fans of both EMO and WRESTLING a night to remember. 

You can find results for each of The Second City Summit shows at the links- GCW Guilty Conscience3 Cups StuffedFreelance “No Place Like Home“, “Art of War Games” and “Effy’s Big Gay Brunch“.

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