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GCW Wyoming: “Outlaw Mudshow” Results & Review | Gage vs Warner


Quick results, review & podcast from Game Changer Wrestling’s (GCW) debut in Wyoming, “Outlaw Mudshow” on June 19, 2021, featuring a Bunkhouse Brawl World Championship Match!

Nick Gage defended his GCW World Championship against Mance Warner in the Bunkhouse Brawl match at “Outlaw Mudshow” on June 19, 2021. The event also featured pro wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Morton, who was amazingly wrestling in his 50th state! Plus, much more!

If you missed “Outlaw Mudshow”, you can watch the replay on FITE TV.

Check out my quick results and review/grades below. For a more detailed review, our podcast has added above.

Results & Review

  • Jordan Oliver def Gringo Loco | Grade: B+
  • Chris Dickinson def 2 Cold Scorpio | Grade: B-
  • Jimmy Lloyd def Allie Katch | Grade: A-
  • Second Gear Challenge Bullrope Match: 1 Called Manders def Matthew Justice | Grade: B+
  • Effy def Warhorse | Grade: B-
  • Barbed Wire Match: AJ Gray def Orin Veidt | Grade: B
  • Ricky Morton def Atticus Cogar | Grade: B-
  • GCW Bunkhouse Brawl World Championship Match: Nick Gage (c) def Mance Warner | Grade: A

Overall Grade: 8.3

Another strong show from GCW, a lot of good wrestling in a cool venue, that included some talent hysterically riding live animals during entrances.

There were issues with the FITE stream in the first half, so I might have underrated a few matches. It was also a bit weird not hearing the usual incredibly loud and crazy GCW fans.

Highlights for me were the speech/promo by Morton to open the show. The Bunkhouse Brawl was awesome, I also really enjoyed Lloyd/Katch, and it was a short match but nice seeing Morton picking up the win. Plus, the wrestlers who rode the animals, and of course the animals.

*Grades are more about overall enjoyment than match quality.

Note– Joey Janela made the save when Cogar attacked Morton post-match. That set up a first time ever match between Cogar and Janela during Homecoming Weekend.

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