Hardcore Hustle- Merry F’N Christmas Results


Lucky 13 defeated Jimmy Lloyd

Dan O’Hare defeated Marc Angel to retain the Hybrid Championship

Matt Tremont defeated Cheeseburger, Tremont won after hitting his signature DDT and after the match went to shake Cheeseburgers hand, for the code of honor, but Cheeseburger walked off

Devon Moore and Drew Blood defeated Aiden Baal and Bam Sullivan to become the new H20 Tag Team Champions

Jimmy Lyon beat over 26 other wrestlers to win the 2nd Annual Christmas Chaos Rumble, earning the 1st spot in Hardcore Kingdom 3 on March 9th, 2019.

Main Event, First ever Barbed Wire Cage Match in H20 History-

Alex Colon defeated Ron Mathis to become the new H20 Champion.

More details at- https://www.facebook.com/notes/h20-wrestling-hardcore-hustle-organization/h20-merry-fn-christmas-results-122218-alex-colon-new-h20-champion-new-tag-champs/762031090816390/

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