HBO Announces “The Mystery of D.B Cooper” Documentary

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“The Mystery of D.B Cooper” from HBO is a stylish investigation into the unsolved mystery of plane hijacker, almost 50 years after he vanished

“The Mystery of D.B Cooper” premieres Wednesday, November 25 at 9PM ET/PT on HBO. The film will be available to stream on HBO Max.

The film is an exhilarating dive into the confounding, unsolved case of the elusive “D.B. Cooper”. The unidentified man who in 1971 successfully hijacked and parachuted from a 727 jet with $200,000 – and disappeared without a trace.

Directed by Emmy®-nominated filmmaker John Dower, “The Mystery of D.B Cooper” brings to life the stories of four individuals fervently believed by their family and friends to be the mystery man who hijacked a 727 flying out of Portland, OR. Traded the passengers’ lives for $200,000 and four parachutes, leapt from 10,000 feet over some of Washington State’s roughest terrain, and was never heard from again.

Almost 50 years later, the case continues to confound the FBI and inspire wild speculation as it remains the only unsolved airplane hijacking in United States history.

Drawing from a combination of recreated and archival footage, as well as exclusive interviews with those most connected to the infamous case and its likeliest culprits. This edge-of-your-seat documentary also explores how the heist inspired copycat hijackings and elevated Cooper to “legend” status.

“The Mystery of D.B Cooper” paints a dynamic portrait of a fabled fugitive whose unparalleled story became folklore. The film is part of a collection of five enthralling crime-focused documentary films that premieres on Wednesdays, beginning November 18.

The Mystery of D.B Cooper was written and directed by John Dower. Produced by Anna Stephens. Executive producer is Morgan Matthews with original music by Tim Atack and Lindsay Wright. Editor is Paul Carlin. For BBC Storyville the executive producers are Mandy Chang & Hayley Reynolds. For HBO: executive producers are Lisa Heller & Nancy Abraham with supervising producer, Sara Rodriguez.

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