IMPACT Star Rhino on Unions in Pro Wrestling | News


Impact Wrestling star Rhino recently spoke with The Mirror about his return to IMPACT.

Below are highlights via Wrestling INC.

Rhino on why Unions wouldn’t work in Pro Wrestling-

“It wouldn’t work, it would kill the industry. “When you look at unions for things like movies it works because movies are planned so far in advance and actors/actresses get the scripts and have to accept it or turn it down. But wrestling is so fast-paced and changes that it just wouldn’t work. I come from Detroit which is a union town, so I get having unions in certain industries, but it wouldn’t work in wrestling.”

“It would kill the independent scene and a lot of start-up promotions. Lots of states in America have commissions and stuff that creates more hoops for them to jump through and we all know that most companies don’t make a lot of money as it is, so to have these extra hurdles would kill a lot of companies.”

“It would kill the charity shows that I run [Rhino promotes VFW Veterans of Foreign Wars] which cost me at least a grand as it is. A union would not be good for wrestlers, fans or promoters and it would kill the industry.”

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