John Cena Tells “You Can’t See Me” Origin Story on Jimmy Fallon


WWE superstar and actor John Cena, who is currently doing the media rounds before his HBO Max series “Peacemaker” debuts. Last night, he was a guest on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon“. The series is a spin-off from the latest James Gunn’s “Suicide Squad” movie and will be available January 13, 2022.

Check out the video above, we also have highlights of Cena talking the origin of “You Can’t See Me”.

Jimmy Fallon- “You’ve been a guest 15-times, we’ve never referenced the “you can’t see me” move…what is the backstory?”

John Cena- “…I developed a special maneuver in WWE called “You Can’t See Me”…and the reason I did this is while we were making the album, to which my theme music is on. My younger brother Sean was always our litmus test…he was ruthless and never satisfied…he heard “My Time is Now” and did this dance Tony Yayo did…he’d put his hand over his head and kind of bob his head like that…he said I dare you to do it on tv, so basically on a dare by absolute chance…and now years later it overcame the meme culture and now literally I’m invisible.”

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