Jordynne Grace Officially Signs With Impact | 5/20/19 Update


News on the Impact status of Jordynne Grace and updates on some PWI reports.

Impact Knockout and International star Jordynne Grace, announced on Twitter she will be staying with Impact Wrestling for “years to come”.

Updated with details from Fightful via 411Mania

On why she signed with Impact-

“I cannot stress this enough. I love Impact. No company is flawless, of course, and I think anywhere I went, there would have been some sort of problem. No company is truly without issue. Whether it’s not enough exposure, not enough money, not being used properly, not being used enough… I’m sure I would have gripes with ANY company. Impact is a company I truly believe in, and they’re doing their best. I have amazing friends there, and I have a blast backstage.

Ed, our president, is really one in a million. He sat with Brian Cage in the hospital when he was injured for hours, which I admired, and he’s always been so friendly to me. Don and Scott are doing a great job, and I always feel relaxed talking to them. I’m hardly ever stressed out. I have so much freedom. All the girls get along very well, and they’re always inviting me out after the shows even though they know that I never party and like to sleep. The cattiness is almost non-existent, and everyone is always helping one another. I could go on all day about why I’m happy at Impact. There’s countless reasons. Impact makes me love my job. I’m sure if there was an issue, they just wouldn’t have offered me anything and had me go on my way.”

On talking to ROH, NJPW, WWE and AEW:

“I had contact with each of those companies, and had many options and offers in front of me. At the end of the day, Impact is where I wanted to be. I was ready to make a difficult decision if needed, but I was sincerely hoping everything would work out in the end! I can’t be sure if Double or Nothing had anything to do with it, but it’s a possibility.”

There was a report from PWInsider titled, “Impact Star Not Under Contract As Believed, Promotion Scrambling To Sign Her”.

What the report left out was the fact that Impact Wrestling didn’t announce the original signing….PWI did, as you can see here.

Here is their report from 10/18, which states “The word going around at tonight’s Impact Wrestling taping was that Jordynne Grace, who debuted tonight, has signed a two year deal with the company.”

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