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Pro Wrestling & MMA legend Ken Shamrock recently spoke with Uproxx about a number of topics including MMA, IMPACT, Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport and a lot more. You can read the full article at the link and check out our highlights below.

Ken Shamrock on Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport-

I love it. I think there’s a place for it. It’s entertainment. As long as they’re not trying to put it over as being something legit, you know, and that it’s entertainment, then I’m fine with it. I did it. I did it went I first went over to Japan with the UWF, that’s what it was, and also Fujiwara Gumi – Pancrase was the first time I ever did a real shoot in front of a crowd – so I love it. I think it’s awesome and I think the fans will love it too.

Because I think wrestling right now, things change, and I think people are looking for something that’s going to be more realistic than watching someone walk around and do – there’s room for that too, but there’s got to be some sort of mixture of what people think is real and isn’t real, especially in pro wrestling.

On Sami vs Tessa (the main event for IMPACT Hard to Kill)-

People need to get over this, man. I mean, the times are changing. Women are tough and if they don’t think so, then they need to step in and start looking at some of the UFC women. Blanchard’s no different. She’s a beast, and Sami’ll tell you the same thing if he’s telling you the truth, right? He’ll tell you, “Yeah, she’s tough.” So yeah, people just need to get over that sixties and seventies and eighties though process because we’re going into new times.

On working with IMPACT and who he’d like to wrestle-

Absolutely. Brian Cage, for one. Me and him got this whole thing started, you know? Why we haven’t had a match yet, it’s shocking… It’s been an honor to get in the ring and work with the guys I have up to this point and for them to give me an opportunity at my age. They don’t know me. They didn’t know how I was going to perform, but they gave me a chance, so I was really appreciative of that, that they had the trust that I wasn’t going to sell them short. For that, I’m grateful and I’m very appreciative.

Read the full article at Uproxx.

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