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Lance Storm to Join IMPACT Wrestling Creative Team?

lance storm

Pro Wrestling legend Lance Storm, took part in a very interesting AMA on Twitter last night. He hit on so many different topics, I’ve posted some below, but you should check it all out on his account. One of the questions asked was if Lance would consider using his experience to join a creative role in a company.

He replied, “Would greatly depend on the company. WWE no, IMPACT yes, AEW maybe.”

Now I believe IMPACT Wrestling has the best creative team out of all the major promotions. But that doesn’t mean it can’t get better. Many IMPACT fans think there is too much comedy, or too much bad comedy on the current shows. As a long time fan of Lance (I basically lived at the ECW arena), I think he’d be an amazing addition to IMPACT or any creative team. He also worked as a special guest referee for Rebellion in 2019, so he knows the talent and team.

I probably wouldn’t be a wrestling fan today if it wasn’t for RVD, Lance Storm and Jerry Lynn. So I’m a bit biased but Lance Storm was an amazing wrestler, and he could also be really funny. “If I could be serious for a minute” was genius, I was hoping someone asked if he came with that on the AMA.

One of my favorites was when asked about finishers he hated taking the most, Lance replied “I hate shitty wrestlers, not specific moves”. And this one is probably obvious for many, but I didn’t realize. When he was asked if wrestlers get a copy of a title belt they win, he said no. Also, if the “Thrillseekers” (Lance & Jericho) came out of retirement, he would want to face FTR.

Again check out Lance’s TL from last night for the rest, just great stuff.

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