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Is Shawn Spears the reason why WWE recently released a group of wrestlers? Well on the latest episode of Sportskeeda’s Dropkick DiSKussions, Tom Colohue talked about Spears being an example as somebody whose release did not affect WWE negatively. Which could explain why they recently allowed other talent to leave. Something they usually have not done in the past.

You can watch the full video here and highlights below are from Sportskeeda.

“Whether or not AEW is ahead [in the ratings] now, there is a constant belief that in the WWE that they will continue to do what they do and it will see them above AEW.

“There is also, and I believe the man in question will not thank me for this, but unfortunately this is what I’ve been told by sources in WWE, that they have looked at the example of Shawn Spears and considered that to be a release that didn’t affect them negatively in any way, including his entire run on AEW.

“They do not believe that it impacted them negatively, they don’t believe it hurt them, they don’t believe it strengthened AEW, and they are willing to put more people into that path.”

Read the full article at Sportskeeda.

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