Moose On IMPACT Wrestling Morale, TNA & More

Moose Impact morale
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IMPACT Wrestling star Moose recently spoke with The Wrestling Inc Daily about the current locker room morale being high, TNA and more.

Moose on talent choosing IMPACT over other promotions and the current locker room morale-

“Since the new regime came in, the morale in the locker room has been so frickin’ high. When I first got to the company I was like, ‘What did I get my f***ing self into?’ Now that Scott, Don and Anthem have taken over, the morale is great and people actually wanna go to work. Everybody is cool with everybody in the locker room and it’s great and you can see it in the product.”

“Guys are picking Impact over other companies and Impact isn’t paying close to the same amount of money to what they can get elsewhere, but they still wanna come. That shows a lot and shows the fans how high the morale is in the locker room. Guys will rather be in a comfortable spot than somewhere that pays more money”.

Moose on which TNA old timers he’d like to face-

“You’ve got Petey. You’ve got Chris Harris, Suicide and there’s even more guys I would wanna challenge but I can’t because they work for other promotions. You’ve got guys like James Storm and AJ Styles, these are all challenges. If I beat these guys who were TNA greats, then what does that make me?”

You can read the full article at and listen to The Wrestling Inc Daily below.

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