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NBC “Meet The Press” December 26 2021 | Schools, America & Race

This Sunday (December 26, 2021) is an all-new episode of NBC’s “Meet The Press with Chuck Todd”

The December 26 edition of “Meet The Press with Chuck Todd” airs on NBC at 10:30AM ET in some areas. Find your local listings and more at You can watch previous episodes at NBCNews. Also, on YouTube and Peacock TV.

*Updated w/ full episode.

On a special edition of Meet the Press airing this Sunday, December 26, moderator Chuck Todd takes an in-depth look at schools and race in America. The special broadcast features NBC News Correspondent Antonia Hylton’s story about a Texas principal who lost his job over charges he was pushing critical race theory on his students; an interview with Nikole Hannah-Jones, who leads The New York Times’ 1619 Project; and discussions about how children should be taught about America’s troubling racial history and the legacy of slavery.

This episode’s Exclusive Interviews:

  • Nikole Hannah-Jones: Staff Writer, The New York Times Magazine; Creator, “The 1619 Project”; Knight Chair in Race and Journalism, Howard University
  • Jelani Cobb: Professor, Columbia University; Staff Writer, The New Yorker; NBC News Political Contributor
  • Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.)
  • Brenda Sheridan: Chair, Loudoun County School Board
  • Joshua Johnson: Anchor, NBC News NOW’s “NOW Tonight with Joshua Johnson”
  • Keith Mayes: Associate Professor, Department of African American and African Studies, University of Minnesota

A round-table discussion panel is usually specified in the press release, but not this week.

Meet the Press is the longest-running show in television history, recently expanding its brand to include a political short-documentary film festival in collaboration with the American Film Institute. Chuck Todd is the political director of NBC News and the moderator of Meet the Press; John Reiss is the executive producer.

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