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New “The Office” Superfan Episodes are Available and Amazing!

We are Threat Level Midnight after Season 2 of “The Office” Superfan episodes have arrived on Peacock!

I’m case you missed it, NBC’s free Peacock app had seasons one & three of “The Office” Superfan episodes. Now just a few days ago they added all of season two!

You may be wondering “what are Superfan episodes”? Well, they are an amazing gift from Peacock for fans of “The Office”.

Every episode is now filled with deleted and never before seen-scenes. Most “Superfan” episodes are around 30 minutes long, some even longer and that’s with no commercials!

Before these episodes came out I watched every season of “The Office” multiple times. I’m always hoping for a sequel or reboot but never expected this, and its amazing!

I was going to explain how certain “Superfan scenes make certain episodes a lot different to watch. But it’s pretty much every episode.

There are so many little things you will learn about the show and the characters, that you would have never known without these episodes.

Check them out ASAP, these are a must-watch for any real fans of the series. Hopefully Peacock continues to release the remaining seasons. But no rush, these are more than enough for now.

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