NXT Still Not Profitable?!


The Wrestling Observer sheds some light on NXT’s financial issues.


A new story from the The Wrestling Observer looked at whether or not NXT is profitable overall.

Triple H recently stated that “NXT is a profitable brand, from the standpoint of the live events”

But that’s only for the live events, not if you look at the numbers as a separate wrestling company, says the Observer.

They go on to point out how the live event touring would be profitable as ticket sales for live events and merchandise is enough to cover the costs of travel and lodging.

But added that looking at the brand as a separate wrestling company with the roughly $8 million in talent costs factored in with the annual ticket gross of $6.4 million and the $1 million in merchandise.

Which is likely on the higher end, plus no TV revenue, then the revenue doesn’t cover talent salaries. It also doesn’t cover travel, rentals, marketing & promotion, and TV taping costs.

The Observer noted that by those standards, NXT would be a big money loser.

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