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DiscussPW is a mix of events, discussions, news, results, columns, videos, and honestly whatever else we feel like posting!. We have four main discussions on the site which are available if you click here. We do also encourage comments on anything that is posted outside of the main discussions. Besides the discussions, we have news posted daily on topics such as pro wrestling, movies, TV Shows, video games, and again, pretty much anything we feel like posting but that’s the focus news-wise. Various trailers, theme song releases are posted in our video section.

We here at DiscussPW also have an extensive events calendar. Home to various things like TV listings, press releases, concerts and of course, pro wrestling events. Comment on those as well, share your opinion on what you watched and let us know how it was if you attended!

When commenting, make sure to keep things civil and in their designated discussions. Join in on the discussions and share your opinion. A lot has changed if you were to browse around the site. But If you check out our discussions you will soon realize that Impact Wrestling has its own discussion. Thus directing fans of other Pro-Wrestling companies to the General Discussion. The reasoning behind having it like this is that our community is primarily fans of Impact Wrestling. So having a discussion just focused on that promotion makes the most sense. Please make sure you check out our comment policy before commenting. We a pretty chill community of wrestling fans so don’t be afraid to comment and introduce yourself!

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