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GCW’s final show of 2018 was a sold-out show at House of Independents in Asbury Park, NJ. It was designated as PCO’s farewell show as he’s headed to Ring of Honor, and a special appearance from Masato Tanaka. Here are results from PWI

Match #1: Jimmy Lloyd vs. Pinkie Sanchez

This was originally scheduled to be Teddy Hart vs. Jimmy Lloyd, but Hart was not there. Lloyd, who is the 2018 CZW King of the Death Match has really evolved his game and is really hitting his stride in the ring. Sanchez, as always, was solid as hell and provided a lot of comic relief.

Winner: Jimmy Lloyd

Post-Match: Jimmy Lloyd said Teddy Hart couldn’t be there because he got injured the night before. Sanchez took the mic and did a killer impersonation of Hart.

Match #2: Kyle the Beast vs. Jungle Boy

Jungle Boy is Luke Perry’s son. KTB is really such a solid wrestler with a high ceiling. 2019 should hold big things for him. Same goes for Jungle Boy will I believe will be an “it” wrestler in 2019. This was a classic big man/little man match.  The ending was fantastic as Jungle Boy countered a potential top rope Uranage with a flying crucifix bomb.

Winner: Jungle Boy

Match #3: Orange Cassidy vs. Kikutaru

Go out of your way to find this match. This was hands down one of the funniest matches I’ve ever seen live. The super lackadaisical style of Cassidy combined with the clown prince antics of Kiku had the entire building eating out of the palm of their hands. Both men used referee Bryce Remsberg as a weapon during this match, and poor Bryce even took a kick to the groin. Kiku was the heel here, as Cassidy could do no wrong. His lazy version of the Undertaker’s rope walk was had the crowd rolling in the aisle.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

Match #4: “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont vs. Eric Ryan – #1 Contender’s Match

Two charismatic death match wrestlers collided here, and if you love blood — you got a lot of it here. Tremont was gushing early as Ryan jumped him before the bell. But, naturally The Bulldozer made his comeback and got Ryan wearing the crimson mask. These two brutalized the hell out of each — employing a barbed wire board, and a board with cut soda cans on them. After destroying each other, the match ends with Ryan rolling Tremont up for the pin, which stunned the crowd.

Winner: Eric Ryan — new #1 contender.

After intermission we were given an unannounced match…

Match #5: “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams vs. Tony Deppen

Neither man was announced for this match, and the crowd went ballistic for Hot Sauce. The crowd was red hot for this match which was a lot of hard striking and grappling. Most assumed the veteran, Hot Sauce, would take the win here, but Tony Deppen showed just good he is. He went hold for hold and strike for strike with Williams, and even score the surprise win. The crowd was initially stunned but quickly showed their admiration for Deppen, who is just poised for big things in 2019.

Winner: Tony Deppen

Match #6: Nick Gage vs. “Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson — GCW Title

The buzz going into the match was that Nick Gage was hurt from working the night before. Well, you couldn’t tell. The insanely over Gage, and Dickinson went to an all-out war. Dickinson is not a traditionally violent wrestler (something he admitted in a post-match promo), but man did he brutalize Gage. Gage was bleeding like a faucet, and he eventually he returned the favor to Dickinson, carving him open with a pizza cutter. Dickinson put Gage through a barbed wire covered door and murdered him with stiff kicks. Gage did his best to fight back until he got the better of Dickinson tossing him through another barbed wire covered door and retained his title.

Winner: Nick Gage

Post-Match: Gage cut this usual “I love you guys” promo. Dickinson grabbed the mic and said he doesn’t usually fight these kinds of matches. However, he was glad to do it with Gage. But he wasn’t about being friends, he wanted another shot at the belt, which Gage immediately agreed to.

Match #7: G-Raver and Jeff Cannonball vs. Shlak and Markus Krane

This was the requisite bloody as all hell death. If you love cinder blocks, gusset plates, nails, plastic bag suffocation, and general insanity — this was dream come true. These four guys just destroyed each other.

Winner: Shlak and Markus Krane

Match #8: PCO vs. Masato Tanaka – GCW Extreme Title Match

You could tell the crowd was a bit burnt out. Tanaka and PCO both got big reactions from the crowd. For two guys ages 50 (PCO) and 45 (Tanaka) — these two absolutely worked a match at the speed and intensity of men half their age. They gave no quarter and every strike was stiff, every high-risk move was insane, and we even saw unprotected chair shots to the head. The crowd cringed there. However, it was moments like watching these two get into an exchange of roaring forearms that got the crowd on their feet. This match was a ton of fun and in the end…

Winner: PCO (Very surprising for sure since PCO was leaving for Ring of Honor.)

Post-Match:  Joey Janela got into the ring. He put over both men and got emotional about wanting back in the ring. He made the announcement that Masato Tanaka would be returning to GCW at Joey Janela’s Spring Break 3. PCO took the mic, and said he owed Joey, and the guys at GCW for the run he’s on. He said he’d be back.

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