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ROH Women’s Champ Rok-C to face Deonna Purrazzo on IMPACT

During tonight’s episode of BTI (Before The IMPACT), which is linked above. The “Iceman” who dishes out weekly scoops in his “Iceman Intel” segment, dropped some HUGE news this week. Ring of Honor (ROH) Women’s Champion, “The Prodigy” Rok-C is coming to IMPACT to face Deonna Purrazzo!

Deonna, the 2x IMPACT KO’s Champion and current AAA Reina de Reinas Champ showed up at Ring of Honor’s “Final Battle” event over the weekend and challenged Rok-C for her title. Rok-C accepted and now it’s going to happen on IMPACT Wrestling.

No news on when this match will happen, but we’ll find out soon apparently. I’m guessing Rok-C shows up on IMPACT and they have a back and forth for a few weeks before a big PPV match, but we’ll see. I’ve seen a lot of Rok-C from New Texas Pro Wrestling, ROH and some other promotions and I’m very excited to see her heading to IMPACT. Hopefully it’s for more than just one match.

IMPACT is currently airing on AXS TV, the Fight Network and for YouTube Insiders.

Thanks to WrestlingCovers on Twitter, awesome account that every IMPACT fan should be following.

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