Ron Funches Talks GCW on “The Late Late Show with James Corden”


Actor, Comedian, Writer and now Professional Wrestler, Ron Funches was on the “The Late Late Show with James Corden” last night. He spoke about his upcoming pro wrestling debut, among other things. Ron will face Tony Deppen at GCW’sHighest in the Room“. The event is now sold out, but will air live September 17th on FITE TV. You can preorder now at the link.

The full video is from the shows official YouTube account. We also have some highlights below.

“The Late Late Show with James Corden” airs weeknights at 12:37AM ET on CBS. You can watch previous episodes at and on Paramount Plus. Ron stars in the animated series “Trolls: TrollsTopia”. The fourth season was released last week (September 2), now available on Hulu and Peacock.

James Corden: “We talked about your love of wrestling before, but I can’t believe this…this is real. You’re about to make you’re professional wrestling debut, next week. Ok, why and how did this happen?”

Ron Funches: I didn’t plan on it, sometimes I do my thing and I get asked to go to events and do commentating. I go up, talk a little trash and go home. This guy, I was talking trash about him, I met him a couple of times. He’s a real jerk, he has a hotmail account in 2021 (laughter from all).

James Corden: “Who is this guy?” (laughing) Who we talking about? Who is this?

Ron Funches: “His name is Tony Deppen, he’s just an independent wrestler and he doesn’t like jokes. He doesn’t understand humor, so he called me out. I was like ok, this guy is gonna talk to me, we’ll do a little bit, but he took it too far.”

Corden showed a video of Deppen slapping Funches

James Corden: “Hang on, wait now, is that real?

Ron Funches: “It was, that slap was so hard James, yes! (it was real)…he slapped the hell out of me.”

James Corden: “I’m worried about this, what’s the strategy going to be here?

Ron Funches: “I got techniques, first of all bribery, that’s my number one move. He has a Hotmail account, clearly he doesn’t have much money.

Watch the full video for more and follow Ron on Twitter.

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