Aniversario: The Apes of Wrath | Chikara Pro

It’s been over 16 years since Chikara has come anywhere near the great city of Pittsburgh. But to mark their Aniversario on May 25th, their heading to White Oak! Aniversario will be part of a[…]

Fright Knight

Fright Knight | CHIKARA Pro

CHIKARA Pro is back in the Poconos as part of Season 20, making their one-and-only stop in Pocono Summit with Fright Knight!   Once again CHIKARA is teaming up with Pocono Mountain West Junior High[…]

Young Lions Cup

CHIKARA Pro- Young Lions Cup XV

CHIKARA Pro presents The 15th Young Lions Cup!   The tournament returns and for a limited time, if you purchase your ticket, you get access to both the 1st Stage at 3PM and the 2nd[…]